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Now Available! Free Compliance Checker for DISA Standards

I am excited to announce that the VMware Compliance Checker for Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) standards is now available as a free download!

A large number of organizations have the need to adhere to compliance standards provided by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and might face penalties for non-compliance. Many organizations continue to rely on manual assessment methods for DISA audits, which require significant IT resources from preparation to execution. Manually checking systems against DISA requirements can be a time-consuming and error prone-process.

VMware Compliance Checker for DISA is a free, downloadable tool that provides a real-time compliance check for Microsoft Windows based as well as Linux based systems, with respect to DISA requirements. The tool collects data from these systems and provides a report showing which requirements are met and which ones are not. This summary of DISA compliance can be used to drive a remediation or mitigation strategy and also help organizations prepare for audits.

The video below provides a demonstration of the tool.

Here are some typical benefits of using the VMware Compliance Checker for DISA.

  • Produce audit quality reports on DISA compliance – The summary report produced by the Compliance Checker for DISA can be used during an audit to demonstrate IT compliance against DISA.
  • Detect problems before they affect your security posture – It is important to protect card holder data, not just during an audit event but all the time. Compliance Checker for DISA will make it easy to detect problems that impact your security posture.
  • Get detailed guidance on remediating compliance violations – Detailed remediation advice for each supported requirement is provided by a team of experts at the Center for Policy and Compliance and is available directly from the tool.
  • Access the latest podcasts, webinars and white papers on DISA compliance – A wealth of up-to-date resources includes interviews with thought leaders, white papers, archived webinars and analyst reports that can be accessed from the tool.

You can download the full set of free Compliance Checkers from VMware (including the Compliance Checker for DISA) here.

Note that today we have also released the vSphere 5.1 VMware Hardening Guidelines Checker, which is available at the same location.

While these simple Compliance Checkers provide some basic functionality and benefits, VMware also offers VMware vCenter Configuration Manager, which automates configuration and compliance management across your virtual, physical and cloud environments, assessing them for operational and security compliance. It comes with capabilities such as compliance management, change management, patch management, software inventory management and other useful features.

vCenter Configuration Manager is a component of VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite, which helps you manage the performance, capacity and configuration of your virtual and physical infrastructure.

Make sure you check out vCenter Configuration Manager, and stay compliant!

Thanks for reading,

Himanshu (@himanshuks)


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