Your company’s business is always in motion. Here’s how vCloud Automation Center 6.0 can help your IT system move with it – and sometimes even ahead of it by simplifying and automating the deployment of complex multi-tier networked application topologies.

One of the advantages of a virtual compute infrastructure is that machines can rapidly be configured to meet the specific resource needs of the applications that they are intended to run.  When these resources are no longer needed, they can be decommissioned and returned for use by others. With NSX, networks now have the same flexibility to dynamically provision and decommission logical network services that leverage the existing physical network infrastructure. This is no different than virtual machines utilizing the existing physical compute infrastructure.

Applications need much more than the appropriately sized virtual machines.  They also need networks configured with appropriate connectivity, security, availability, scale and performance.  vCAC’s policy based governance greatly simplifies the deployment of NSX logical or virtual networking services for complex multi-tiered, applications.  As part of an application provisioning process, vCAC improves connectivity through deployment of logical switches and networks.  It improves security through intelligent placement of workloads in security groups, protected by firewall rules.  It also increases availability and performance NSX distributed firewalls and load balancers.

It’s precisely because everything seems more complicated these days that every company wants to find ways to make things simpler (and faster, of course).  vCloud Automation Center simplifies and automates the deployment  of complex multi-tier networked application topologies. vCloud Automation Center, combined with the NSX network virtualization platform, helps IT rapidly deploy secure, scalable and high-performing applications on demand in minutes.

What’s New in This Release

Prior to this release, vCloud Automation Center could provision applications and compute into preconfigured logical networks and services.  In this release, vCloud Automation Center can dynamically provision and decommission NSX logical services as needed. For the first time, this capability allows IT to deliver customized network and security services unique to each application. vCloud Automation Center’s governance policies enforce entitlements at the infrastructure, group, user and application levels, ensuring secure and repeatable access to these services. That makes your company’s employees more efficient. It also makes the IT system more secure and efficient.

Learn more about vCloud Automation Center and how automating cloud service delivery and dynamic configuration of NSX logical network services can save cost while accelerating provisioning of IT applications and resources.

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