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Cloud Automation ROI – Moving IT from Enforcer to Provider

Historically IT has been both the conscience of the company and the enforcer of capacity and service level allocation of compute resources.  When deploying a private cloud, IT has the option to continue its enforcer role or move to a provider role and let free market economics govern resource consumption.  The ideal approach is to establish prices for each level of compute services which reflect the costs to provide those services.  With chargeback and departmental budgets in place, IT can move to a provider role and delegate the governance and control responsibilities to the business.  Each business will have the responsibility to spend within their respective budgets.

The challenge is that most companies are still a ways away from deploying a chargeback system which actually charges for resource consumption.  Until a chargeback process is in place, most IT departments are unwilling to give up their role as enforcers of resource consumption policies because they don’t want to run out of resources for truly important applications.

The good news is that VMware vCloud Automation Center can help enforce resource consumption policies automatically while at the same time provide a cost transparency and chargeback infrastructure that allows companies to move to a provider business model.    The resources and service tiers that they provide can be a combination of internally (private) and externally (public) cloud resources.  This two pronged approach can help companies better leverage tiered service levels and lower capital costs.

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