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Cloud Automation ROI – Archiving machines to a lower tier of storage

This leading developer of applications for the financial services industry aggressively virtualized their development infrastructure and then moved to a private cloud deployment model in order to accelerate the delivery of compute resources to its developers.  VMware vCloud automation Center helped reduce provisioning times from 4 days down to a few hours.    However, due to the provisioning methodology they used,  a few hours was not fast enough for their developers, who wanted more immediate access to their development and test machines.  This provisioning delay led to a practice where machines that were not being used where powered off and then powered on when needed.  While these powered off machines were not consuming CPU and memory resources, they were consuming tier-2 storage resources.   At a fully burdened annual cost of $5 per GB, each machine with an average of 50 GB of storage, was costing $250 annually to exist in this powered off state.

The solution was to implement a policy that automatically archived inactive machines to a lower tier of storage costing $0.50 per GB.  Reactivating an archived machine from archived storage back to tier-2 storage took about 5 minutes, allowing their developers to get up and running quickly.  This simple archiving policy resulted in a savings of over $225 annually for each machine or $225,000 for every 1,000 developer machines.

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