Hi folks,

We’re back with a special vC Ops Tech Tip for you, just in time for VMworld!

In today’s video, with Tech Tip #7, we will make an exception to the ‘under-5-minutes’ rule, and share a ‘slightly’ longer video. Rest assured that this Tech Tip will provide you solid value for your time!

Today, we will see how to analyze, optimize and get better visibility into the storage layer within your virtual infrastructure. The idea is to understand your particular needs and get the right metrics to size a new storage array or optimize the current investment and reduce future costs without impacting performance. Note that there is no voice-over in this video.

Hope you found the above Tech Tip useful! And if this whetted your appetite for something more heavy duty, we do have more vCenter Operations Manager documentation available for you.

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Himanshu (@himanshuks)