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Cloud Automation ROI – Leveraging Tiered Service Levels

In prior blog posts, we explored the savings possible by implementing policies which eliminate unauthorized usage and over provisioning.  Another example of over provisioning is configuring the right amount of resources but at a service level in excess of the needs of the task being performed.    For example: configuring a test machine to run on Tier 1 storage and have its

data replicated in real-time to a remote data center.  While this may be an extreme example, the companies we work with tell us that far too frequently their clients are using compute resources with greater availability, security, or performance than needed to perform the intended job.

What amazes me is the number of companies that deploy all their applications on the same service tier regardless of the needs of those applications.   For example: just a small change of moving 20% of your machines  from a fan-out ratio of 10 VMs per host to 15 VMs per host can result in a savings of over $80,000 annually.    The challenge is enforcing governance over which applications require the additional compute resources and which applications are less performance sensitive and can therefore coexist in an environment with greater overall utilization.

vCloud Automation Center’s policies help enforce that governance automatically and can be dynamically changed as needed.  These policies assure that users receive not only the right size service, but at the right service level for the task needing to be performed.

Like to learn more about Cloud Automation ROI  and how automating cloud service delivery can save cost while accelerating access to IT resources and applications?

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