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vFabric Application Director 5.2 Automates the Deployment & Lifecycle Management of Applications on vSphere

The market for IT service delivery automation is accelerating rapidly and the lines between tools that automate infrastructure, applications and other IT services are blurring.  Companies are looking for a single solution to help automate the delivery of any IT service.  VMware’s product vision and strategy empower IT to rapidly transform existing compute resources into scalable infrastructure, application, database or platform services in the shortest time with the least amount of risk.  In order to accomplish this goal, VMware is converging a number of its automation products to deliver and integrated platform for deploying a variety of IT services.

The first phase of this integration effort is introduced in vFabric Application Director 5.2. This release facilitates the provisioning of both Windows & Linux-based applications on vSphere by leveraging vCloud Automation Center as a registered Cloud Provider. This release also paves the way for the future support of the continually growing multi-vendor platforms on vCloud Automation Center –including VMware private and public clouds, other hypervisors, physical infrastructure and other public clouds.

With vFabric Application Director 5.2, customers can model and automate deployment of applications to any registered cloud using blueprints and standardized application services. Customers not only need to provision cloud services, they also need to manage them across their end-to-end lifecycle. In this release, we extended application lifecycle management capabilities to the vSphere infrastructure allowing customers to enable business agility while increasing operational efficiency.

The most critical day-2 operations that need to be performed on deployed applications are scale-out and configuration or code updates. Both types of updates are enabled in this release for applications deployed on vSphere allowing customers to reduce the time needed to perform these manual tasks, improve operational efficiency and meet the expected service levels.

Feature highlights for vFabric Application Director 5.2:

  • Provision and Update Life-Cycle Support on vSphere
    • Deploying Linux and Windows-based applications on vSphere by leveraging vCloud Automation Center
    • Scale existing deployed applications on the vSphere infrastructure
    • Update the code and configuration of existing deployed applications on the vSphere infrastructure
  • Windows Update Support on vCloud infrastructure
    • Update applications on Windows-based platforms on the vCloud Director infrastructure
    • Native support for BeanShell, PowerShell, and Batch scripts enables any kind of Windows-based application deployments

Registering a Cloud Provider of Type vCloud Automation Center
Registering a Cloud Provider of Type vCAC

Deploying Multi-tier Applications on vSphere via vCloud Automation Center
Deploying Multi-Tier Applications on vSphere via vCAC

Track the Status of the Deployment using the Execution Plan
Track the Status of the Deployment using the Execution Plan

Scale Out and Update Deployed Applications on vSphere
Scale Out and Update Existing Deployed Applications on vSphere

For additional information on vFabric Application Director 5.2 please visit the product page.

Visit the VMware Cloud Applications Marketplace to learn more about consuming, importing and marketing cloud-ready application solutions to Enterprise IT, Service Providers and User communities.


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