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Cloud Automation ROI – The Cost of Unauthorized Usage

Unauthorized usage sounds like a security breach or something illegal. However, I’m not talking about anything that malicious.  In fact, resources intended for one purpose can easily be consumed by others simply because they are available and not being used.  Consumption of IT resources should not be governed by “first come, first served” principles.  Unfortunately, virtualization alone makes the process of unintended consumption even easier than before.

Companies we work with often tell us 5-10% of their infrastructure has been inadvertently used for purposes other than originally intended.  At a conservative estimate of just 5% unauthorized resource usage, an additional $90,000 annually is likely spent on capital expenditures for every 1,000 virtual machines under management.

vCloud Automation Center policies not only help control who can provision new IT resources and how much they consume, but they also allow you to allocate resources in advance and dedicate them for specific groups or applications. Implementing these controls with automated policies vs. manual enforcement also reduces operational expenses and helps assure a faster delivery of new compute resources.

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