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Cloud Automation ROI – Control Resource Usage without Slowing Service Delivery

One of the challenges of virtualization for many companies is less control over the provisioning of IT services compared to physical servers. In fact, the majority of companies we have worked with readily admit they have over allocated their resources by 20% or more. Those companies enforcing governance over resource consumption either have relatively small, static environments or strict, manually enforced processes with much longer than average service delivery times. 

Therefore, it is far more resource-efficient to obtain better control over consumption on the front-end during the provisioning process than trying to control sprawl after machines have been deployed. The goal of a cloud automation solution is to rapidly deploy compute and application services and enforce control over resource consumption to assure appropriately sized resources for various tasks.

Enforce Governance with Policies not People
One of the key benefits of virtualization is the quick provisioning of virtual machines compared to the time it takes to acquire and provision physical machines. Maintaining better control over unauthorized resource consumption in your virtual environment should not result in lengthy service delivery times caused by manual governance and control processes.  In addition, as you scale your deployment, manual controls increase operational costs, reducing the savings of more efficient resource utilization.

vCloud Automation Center (VCAC) policies provide user aware governance and control and ensures each user receives the right size machine, at the right service level, appropriate for the task they need to perform. VCAC allows policy-enforced control, leaving manual approvals as the exception versus managing a lengthy manual approval processes. The resulting business impact is an increase in overall productivity and quicker service delivery for end-users.

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