In the latest 2013 Tech Target Data Center and Reader’s choice survey of over 600 responses, 15.5% of those surveyed said they planned to deploy a private cloud in 2013.  This represented almost

a 90% growth over the previous year.  In Forrester’s annual survey, they reported an increased interest in private clouds from 35% last year to 46% this year– the biggest increase in all of their cloud categories.  For more information about the growing interest in private cloud deployments, check out Beth Pariseau’s article, “Interest in Private Clouds grows as Market Matures” featured in

The increase in both interest and deployment of private and hybrid cloud deployments is consistent with the demand VMware is seeing from customers.  As companies are looking to deploy their virtual infrastructures, they continue to look at ways to accelerate the delivery of business critical IT resources while at the same time driving cost efficiencies through improvements in both operational efficiencies and resource utilization.

In the past, implementing a virtual infrastructure not only drove greater hardware utilization efficiencies, it also helped companies deploy more agile IT infrastructures where compute resources that previously took weeks to deliver could be delivered in days.  Today, the next step in the data center efficiency evolution is deploying an on-demand cloud infrastructure.  Private cloud automation removes manual, error-prone configuration processes that take days to implement and replaces it with faster, more effective compute resources and applications that are delivered in minutes.
In addition, policy-based governance delivers even greater hardware utilization efficiencies by preventing over provisioning and reclaiming inactive resources.  Implementing a private cloud helps many companies deliver similar orders of magnitude improvements in both service delivery acceleration and saving efficiencies when compared to their prior virtualization deployments.

VMware vCloud Automation Center empowers IT to transform existing compute resources into scalable infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS) in days.   Our customer references on  show how we have helped companies automate the end to end delivery and management of infrastructure and application services in days using existing IT investments and established business and IT policies and processes.  To learn more about vCloud Automation Center we offer a variety of whitepapers, videos, and other resources available on

Don’t get left behind by more agile and nimble competitors.   VCloud Automation Center helps companies improve operational and resource utilization efficiencies while reducing IT service deliver times from days to minutes. To learn more about the ROI of private cloud deployments I recommend you take ten minutes and watch Building the Cloud Automation Business Case.  VMware has helped a number of companies quantify their private cloud business justification.  Contact us to get more information and help with your private cloud.


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