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New Blog Series: vCenter Operations Management Tech Tips!

Hi folks,

We are excited to bring to you a new blog post series – vCenter Operations Management Tech Tips!

In this series, we will showcase solid technical content that is relevant to you, and is in a simple, digestible, bite-sized format. The intent is to provide you with useful information, and do that quickly and succinctly, so you do not have to go through lengthy and tedious technical documentation to find something you need to know and use quickly.

In this series, we will have short, under 5-minute videos for you with Tech Tips for vCenter Operations Management Suite.

The first few videos describe how quickly you can get started using the vCenter Operations Manager custom UI and get more value out of your deployment starting day one.

In today’s video, with Tech Tip #1, we walk you through creating applications in vCenter Operations Manager – Advanced and Enterprise Editions. An application in vCenter Operations Manager is a logical set of like-functionality resources being monitored (VMs, storage, DB, web services, guest OS, etc) grouped by tier (Web, App, DB, etc) that represent a critical business application or business service. This makes it easier for the user to determine how applications are affected when change or performance problems occur across the mission‐critical resources contained within the logical tiers of the application. The benefits include:

  • Viewing real‐time analysis across all of the tiers and resources that are contained within that application
  • Application focused dashboards
  • Visual understanding of performance impacts at the tier and application service level
  • Improved IT insight by seeing what the Line of Business Owners really care about



Hope you found the above Tech Tip useful! And if this whetted your appetite for something more heavy duty, we do have more vCenter Operations Manager documentation available for you.

In future posts, we will have more videos about the custom UI, as well as videos about building vCenter Operations Manager Custom Dashboards, and some useful tips about bringing in data from other sources through vCenter Operations Manager Adapters. So stay tuned for those upcoming posts.

Please send us your feedback and comments about these videos and this series below, as well as requests for videos on other topics. And yes, follow us on twitter @vcenterops.

Thanks for reading!



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