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Announcing vCloud Automation Center 5.2

vCloud Automation Center empowers IT to rapidly deploy, provision and manage cloud services across multi-vendor virtual, physical, and public cloud infrastructures.  vCloud Automation Center delivers a flexible framework that transforms existing infrastructure, tools and processes into a scalable infrastructure or desktop as a service.  Release 5.2 continues to enhance VMware cloud automation with these new capabilities:

Expanded Infrastructure Support
vCloud Automation Center supports a variety of multi-vendor hypervisors, physical servers and public cloud service providers.  In this release, vCloud Automation Center both expands the cloud infrastructure components it can provision and manage as well as deepens the integration with some existing infrastructure components. 

  • KVM Hypervisor Support  – KVM is supported via Red Hat’s Enterprise Virtualization Manager
  • Enhanced vCloud Integration – for both private and public vCloud providers
    Additional integration includes:

    • Support for Pay-as-you-Go virtual data centers
    • More granular reservation of virtual data center resources to facilitate resource sharing across groups
    • Management of vApp component VMs
    • Discovery and management of existing  vCloud vApps
    • Expanded vCloud Networking and Security Support
      • Discovery of vCNS networking and security services
      • Provisioning of VMs into vCNS VXLANs, security groups, and load balancers

Enhanced Resource Reclamation

vCloud Automation Center 5.2 allows administrators to customize the reclamation workflow by modifying vCloud Automation Center policies creating variable lengths for the time periods between first notification, second notification and the eventual reclamation of the machine.  In addition, reclamation policies can be combined with the archival policies on the machine’s blueprint to archive the machine for a specified period even after the owner thinks it has been deleted.  Therefore, if the machine is needed in the future, it can still be recovered during the archival period.

The new version of vCloud Automation Center can be downloaded here and product documentation for the 5.2 release is available here.



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