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New Video: Deep Dive into Spring Insight’s Plugins for Spring Integration and RabbitMQ

Troubleshooting distributed applications can be tricky. That’s why many Spring developers rely on Spring Insight to help them gain visibility on the performance metrics and flow of their application’s transactions, allowing them to troubleshoot and tune their applications more effectively.

This is a great developer tool for Spring developers, but it is also extensible to incorporate the entire application.  Spring Insight uses a plug-in architecture which allows it to easily be extended to collect, correlate, and analyze performance metrics from all components of your application including default support for servletshibernate, jdbc, Apache Tomcat and tc Server, and even extending past java to include Grails support.

For the complete list of default plugins see the Core Plugin Reference list in the documentation.

Completely extensible, there are many additional plugins to explore in the Spring Insight Plugins GitHub Repository. In this 17 minute video, we will show you a deep dive of two different use cases, which use Spring Integration as well as RabbitMQ plugins both located in the GitHub repository. During the demo, we will show you two different use cases involving two different applications to illustrate:

  • How Spring Insight shows the flow of application data across applications using the Spring Integration plugin.
  • How Spring Insight allows for monitoring RabbitMQ Java client libraries at the code-level.
  • How you can monitor your application’s performance around publishing and receiving messages through RabbitMQ.
  • How to best determine how your distributed asynchronous application is performing.
Talya-gendler_80p-80px About the Author: Talya Gendler has over 8 years of experience in software development. Talya has been a member of the Spring Insight team since November 2011, and has been at VMware since May 2009. Prior to joining Insight she led the AppInsight UI team for two years. Talya received her education from the  Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, where she obtained a BSc in computer science.


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