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3 New Hyperic Plugins Available: Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Sharepoint and Spring Insight

Last month, VMware introduced the VMware Cloud Applications Marketplace alongside a new Bounty Program for Hyperic and an updated one for Spring Insight. With all this investment, customers are right to interpret that VMware is serious about developing a steady stream of new plugins that will help organizations place their cloud-based applications under management faster.

Today, VMware continues this pattern of investment in plugins by announcing 3 new plugins for use with vFabric Hyperic as well as open source Hyperic.

  • Microsoft SharePoint. This new plugin provides support for SharePoint 2007 and 2010. The SharePoint plugin tracks SharePoint server metrics, SharePoint services, and statistics. When used with the already available plugins for IIS, .NET and the system plugins, the new SharePoint plugin allows Hyperic to provide a complete and comprehensive solution for monitoring SharePoint.
    >> Download the Hyperic Microsoft SharePoint Plugin
  • Microsoft Active Directory Plugin. This plugin is an extension of a previous plugin that now includes support for Windows 2012 Active Directory. It also fixes issues that prevented the plugin from working on Windows 2008 R2. This plugin is compatible with Hyperic 5.x, and 4.6.x.
    >> Download the Hyperic Microsoft Active Directory Plugin
  • Spring Insight Plugin. The updated Spring Insight plugin for Hyperic adds support for the latest Spring Insight version (1.9.2). This plugin is compatible with Hyperic 5.x, and 4.6.x.
    >> Download the Hyperic Spring Insight Plugin

VMware plans to continue to develop and release plugins for Hyperic on the Cloud Applications Marketplace. For customers wishing to request new plugins, it is recommended that they open discussions in the Hyperic Bounty Program.

About the Author: Stacey Schneider has over 15 years of working with technology, with a focus on working with sales and marketing automation as well as internationalization. Schneider has held roles in services, engineering, products and was the former head of marketing and community for Hyperic before it was acquired by SpringSource and VMware. She is now working as a product marketing manager across the vFabric products at VMware, including supporting Hyperic. Prior to Hyperic, Schneider held various positions at CRM software pioneer Siebel Systems, including Group Director of Technology Product Marketing, a role for which her contributions awarded her a patent. Schneider received her BS in Economics with a focus in International Business from the Pennsylvania State University.


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