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vCenter Operations – Tell Your Story and Win BIG!

Interested in attending VMworld in San Francisco, or Barcelona- but are short a pass to attend either event?  Do you have a good story to tell on how your company manages their virtualization and/or private cloud environment with the VMware vCenter Operations Suite?  Let me tell you how you may be able to score both a free ticket and an opportunity to present your story to your peers at the most prestigious event for virtualization and cloud technology, VMworld 2012 San Francisco & EMEA.



Its Fast & Simple

 Simply go to the vCenter Operations “Tell Your Story” web page, read through the program details and judging criteria – then simply “submit your story” using the on-line form!  Your entry is then brought to our “expert” panel of judges:

  • Tommy Trogden @vTexan
  • EMC vSpecialist, VMware vExpert, Blogger
  • Eric Sloof @esloof
  • Master VMware Instructor & Consultant @ NTPRO.NL, vExpert & Blogger
  • Martin Klaus @mklausvm
  • Group Manager Product Marketing VMware (vC Ops)

Who then determine the most compelling story of how vC Ops has helped your organization better achieve its goals in virtualization and cloud.

Tips from the Judges

Be sure you read through the judging criteria:

  • 40% of judging score is based on originality of the most authentic, impactful and creative story.
  • 20% of judging score is based on definition of value to your business in time savings (OPEX), capital saving (CAPEX), or even ability to avert / plan for impactful events occurring in your environment, or anything else.
  • 20% on presentation of visuals / layout – e.g. use of custom dashboards, use of screenshot to display issues, videos
  • 10% Unique uses of vC Ops – custom dashboards, adapters, etc..
  • 10% A description of any evaluation done of other tools considered, or replacement of any existing management tools/methodologies

Try your best to meet the majority of the criteria above.  The submission form may not be conducive to your style of creativity, so go ahead and think outside the 2000 character box!  Send us hyperlinks to your videos, email us any supporting graphics, screenshots, attachments, etc.  – or even use our own dog food with SlideRocket!

I am truly excited about this contest, especially now that I have been able put this in place for the many vC Ops customers who were and are eager to share their story and experiences with this exciting VMware technology – and perhaps get something nice in return!

Don’t Own vC Ops? – Get it now For 50% Off

One of the criteria of the contest is that you own licenses for any version of the vC Ops Suite.  With that said, for you who don’t own licenses we are now running a promotion for 50% the vCenter Operations Management “Advanced” edition.  Access the promotion web page for more information.

Don’t Miss Out

This is your opportunity to attend VMworld 2012 San Francisco, or EMEA as well as present side by side with the VMware “experts” and even attend an evening on the town with the panel of experts!  Just remember that you only have until July 11th – and winners will be announced on the VMTN Community Podcast and published on the blog on July 18th, 2012.

Thank you and I’ll be looking for your submission!

-Ben (Twitter @benscheerer)


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