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Capacity Planning & Management with vCenter Operation Manager 5.0

The new vCenter Operation Management Suite (vC Ops) introduces new capabilities and a new level of integration between performance, capacity and configuration management disciplines.  Based on a foundation of self-learning behavioral analytics, vC Ops streamlines, integrates and simplifies the necessary capabilities required for a best practices approach to managing vSphere virtualized and cloud environments.  Examples of these capabilities include the ability to accurately detect and prevent building performance issues before they impact users, therefore improving the quality of service you're providing to your end users. Also, detecting and remediating potential capacity shortfalls while getting to a more proactive way of managing your environment, rightsizing your virtual infrastructure without risking performance degradation and thereby improving consolidation ratios.


Integrated capacity planning and management is a key focal point in the new vC Ops dashboard represented by new supermetrics for both Risk – future issues based on stress, time remaining and capacity remaining, and Efficiency – long-term optimization opportunities.  vC Ops capacity planning and management has evolved from the capabilities in its predecessor, vCenter Capacity IQ, to a new integrated look and feel with performance and configuration management, further enhancing the capabilities and feature set.

I have put together a series of four videos to walkthrough many of the new enhancements in vCOps version 5 related to capacity management, amongst those are:

In this video I will provide deeper insights into the new capacity management capabilities. Existing users of vCenter Capacity IQ will gain an understanding of the many advantages the vC Ops platform offers for managing virtual and cloud infrastructure.  Also, please check out the vCenter Opertations Introduction video with Kit Colbert, which provides a great introduction to vCenter Operations Manager 5.0.

Thank You, you can also access all the videos on VMware Management on the VMware Management vCenter playlist!  And as alway please follow:

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