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What is more secure, Virtual or Physical Environments?

Hi peeps,

Today, George Gerchow asks a great question: What is more secure, Virtual or Physical Environments? Check out his article for today, here.

This came up yesterday during our Communities Podcast, and it is an important question when we consider that Security & Compliance are the two main inhibitors to a transition to the Cloud.

So what do YOU think? Visit George on his blog http://bit.ly/q5aOdr and on Twitter @georgegerchow and let us know!



George Gerchow is the Director of VMware’s Center for Policy & Compliance. George will be here all week to talk about Compliance in the Cloud and answer your questions. Jump in the discussion on any of our social media channels blogs, Twitter, Facebook, or community forum:
– on the Security & Compliance Blog
– on Twitter: @georgegerchow and @vmwaremgmt
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