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New Poll: Would you Trust a “Mixed Mode” environment?

George Gerchow one of our three Management Masterminds and the Director of VMware’s Center for Compliance and Policy is here this week answering questions and suggesting conversation topics around Security & Compliance. To start with, here is a poll to get the conversation going: Would you Trust a “Mixed Mode” environment for PCI Transaction with the correct tools in place?

Vote here: and make sure to join the conversation on

Let the votes begin!



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  1. For those who may be wondering what exactly what “Mixed Mode” means in the context of Virtual Machine security, Mixed Mode is having a trust zone include Virtual Machines with lower trust levels on the same host or DRS cluster as Virtual Machines with higher trust levels.

  2. Wade, thanks for defining what Mixed Mode is. I think the answer here depends on how you will use it. I would trust using Mixed Mode if it can help my virtual office grow and develop. But if not, then, I wouldn’t use it.

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