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Do you have Management Mastery?

As a VMware customer, you likely can appreciate how vSphere and other technologies have helped improve efficiencies in your data center. But for all the cost savings and increased performance, you may be finding that in order to truly realize the benefits of cloud computing, you need to better address how to achieve visibility, automation and control across all layers of the stack.

Whether it’s the need for better management of infrastructure operations, security and compliance or disaster recovery, traditional static tools and processes are not effective at keeping up with highly dynamic virtual environments – so what’s an IT expert to do?

Screen shot 2011-08-08 at 5.54.10 PM We’re seeing a real shift in how our customers are thinking about infrastructure and operations management, and wanted to open a series of user-facing forums for discussion and advice from real VMware experts who are architecting solutions for customers today. We’re starting with our Management Mastery site, which introduces our three “Management Master Minds,” experts who will be answering questions and sharing information about Disaster Recovery, Infrastructure & Operations, and Security & Compliance. You can also follow us on Twitter @vmwaremgmt and on our new Facebook page: VMware IT Management.

Over the next few months, our three Master Minds will be sharing key industry statistics that point to the need to rethink IT management processes, asking you some thought-provoking questions and sharing best practices around IT managmement and operations. Follow the Twitter & Facebook accounts for more announcements when the Master Minds will be available for questions in those channels and on our community site later this Fall.

In the meantime, our Masterminds will be attending VMWorld event in Las Vegas Aug 29-Sept 1, and our entire IT Management and Operations team will be ready and willing to talk more with you about mastering your infrastructure and operations!

Thanks and see you in Las Vegas!


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