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vCenter AppSpeed 1.5 released

VMware vCenter AppSpeed assures the performance of virtualized applications, enabling customers to meet ever-growing SLA expectations in the face of a highly dynamic, virtual infrastructure.  With AppSpeed you can quickly isolate & troubleshoot performance problems by monitoring application transaction performance across your private cloud infrastructure.

VMware has released vCenter AppSpeed 1.5, which includes the following new features:

  • New vCenter Services Tab: In the main vSphere Client interface, a new Services tab appears after you install AppSpeed. The Services tab provides an intuitive AppSpeed starting point in the familiar vSphere Client interface. The content shown in the Services tab focuses on vSphere inventory objects, with a service overlay.


  • Web Browser Access: You can now access the AppSpeed user interface from Web browsers.


    • Improved Usability and GUI: The AppSpeed user interface has been redesigned to meet the needs of vSphere administrators.
      • The new Overview portal provides high level information about the health of the monitored environment.
      • A Summary view is provided for each service and server that is monitored by AppSpeed.
      • Clear, intuitive performance analysis is accessible through drill down views.
      • Topology management has been redesigned and the topology map has been removed.



  • System Metrics vs. Application Performance: You can now view a side-by-side comparison of vCenter Key Performance Indicators (for example, CPU, memory, and disk I/O) with AppSpeed performance indicators (for example, latency and errors).
    • You can quickly identify whether performance issues are related to services or underlying virtual machine resources.
    • You can customize how the AppSpeed and vCenter KPIs are displayed.


  • SLA Health Indicators: AppSpeed can automatically generate health indicators (SLAs) for services and servers, based on monitored response times.
  • Simplified Installation:  Installation has been simplified and distributed virtual switch support is provided “off the shelf”.
  • Support for the new per VM licensing.

For now, please check the following vCenter AppSpeed web pages for more information:


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