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Welcome to the VMware Virtualization Management Blog!

Virtualization has become ubiquitous
in IT data centers, with several organizations now adopting a ‘virtualize first’
policy. The ROI benefits – both capex and opex savings – are easy to achieve even
with the initial server consolidation projects. However as you embark on the
virtualization journey and seek to extend it to the entire data
center, virtualization management becomes the key to sustain these ROI benefits.

As the industry leader in virtualization, VMware gets a lot of questions
on topics like capacity management, patch and configuration management &
compliance, application performance management in virtual environment. It’s not
surprising that VMware is working on several aspects of virtualization

This blog will provide you insights into managing your virtualized
datacenter powered by VMware vSphere, especially using products from vCenter
product family such as vCenter, Update Manager, Orchestrator, CapacityIQ,
AppSpeed etc. In the future posts, I plan to provide a
variety of information about these products, including product information,
news, related product announcements, cool customer stories, technical tips and
tricks and best practices.    


To get started, here are a few of the resources available

You can also download and test fully-functional
evaluation versions of these products free for 60 days here.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this blog
and look forward to hearing your feedback. Stay tuned for more information.


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  1. Hi Hemant,
    Nice meeting you in Tech Summit and good to know we’ve started blogging on our management products.

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