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National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited

Digital Transformation Unlocks Opportunities to Delight Customers

An expansive VMware footprint, including emerging solutions for containers and micro-segmentation, supports service delivery in hours – not weeks.

Established in 1837, National Commercial Bank of Jamaica (NCB) is Jamaica’s largest national bank. NCB has begun an ambitious program to create core services that will help them compete in a saturated market, and provide the best services for its 500,000 customers. The bank is taking advantage of cutting-edge VMware solutions for monitoring and analytics, containers, network virtualization, security and mobility.

“We’ve managed to reduce our over-operating costs by roughly 45 to 50 percent. And that’s been tremendous due to the underlying investments in the VMware portfolio.”

– Ramon Lewis, Assistant General Manager, Infrastructure and Operations, NCB Jamaica Ltd




Delivering the Mobile Solutions Customers Want

VMware Workspace ONE is part of a comprehensive set of digital solutions that maximize business outcomes and support the services customers want.

As Jamaica’s largest national bank, National Commercial Bank of Jamaica (NCB) continues to delight its growing base of 500,000 customers by providing innovative solutions. Embracing mobility, NCB found that VMware Workspace ONE helped manage all their remote devices easily. VMware Professional Services helped NCB’s small IT team, creating a valuable partnership.

“We needed a solution that could manage the push of the updates, so we just utilized Workspace ONE. This enabled us to manage remotely all our devices very easily.”

– John-Matthew Sinclair, Program Manager, NCB Jamaica Ltd