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Announcing end of support for PCoIP in VMware Horizon

If you’d known colorful skinny jeans were going to go out of style, you never would have bought them. In that spirit, we have been supporting PC-over-IP (PCoIP®) as a protocol option in Horizon for years, but as our Blast protocol has evolved, we are now announcing when we will drop support for PCoIP in Horizon. And we’re announcing this early to give customers a chance to plan. 

The Horizon team first introduced our Blast protocol in 2013. We have been diligently improving it since then, and we’re confident that it is the best option for our customers to deliver a great user experience for end users accessing Horizon virtual desktops and apps.  

We will include PCoIP as a protocol option in the Horizon Client and Horizon Agent through the end of 2025. At that point in three years, we will remove the PCoIP protocol option from all new Horizon releases. Note that all Horizon releases are supported for three years from ship date. This means that the client and agent that will ship in 2025 will be supported until the end of 2028. If you are running an ESB version of Horizon, you will get periodic security updates as part of your Horizon Agent support. Note that there is no ESB version for the Horizon Clients; all security fixes go into the latest client. PCoIP is also not supported with our Horizon Cloud next-gen platform that we made generally available last year.  

The PCoIP protocol is owned by HP Teradici (Teradici was acquired by HP in 2021), and together we have been working on some exciting initiatives, including with HP Anyware Zero Clients and high-end graphics support. HP Teradici has a blog with more detail here

We hope this peek into the future will help our customers make smart shopping and upgrade decisions. For more information on the Blast protocol, visit the Tech Zone or VMware Docs. If you don’t use Blast now, see the Blast Extreme Optimization Guide to plan your transition.