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Intelligent digital workspace value creation: A guide for IT leaders

I have studied the rapidly emerging Anywhere Workforce movement, and I’m intrigued by what I’ve learned about trends driving the adoption of Intelligence platforms. Based on my prior research findings, I shared “How Digital Workspace Intelligence Enhances Employee Experience.” The HR-related solutions and associated benefits were very enlightening. 

Today’s forward-thinking business leaders have eagerly adapted to the new ways of working, including the adoption of flexible work models. However, this ongoing evolution has presented challenges and opportunities for many enterprise IT organizations that support employees. 

Back in July 2020, a McKinsey & Company article highlighted the challenge: “As companies extend commitments to remote workforces, cybersecurity teams need to address new risks while helping create business value in the next normal.” 

And a thought-provoking Harvard Business Review article outlined the opportunity for new trustworthy solutions: “Senior leadership needs to be able to trust from the beginning that their teams have secured systems for remote work.” 

That said, supporting a distributed workforce will require IT modernization investment.  

Stats on the effectiveness and cost of IT service desks 

Here are some key insights that I’ve gathered from empirical research. 

  • In a typical enterprise environment, 20% of employees will contact their IT service desk weekly; 10% of employees will contact the service desk daily. 
  • 69% of IT organizations find it more difficult to fix employee issues remotely. 
  • 87% of digital employee experience (DEX) problems require the manual performance of remediation tasks by either users or IT administrators. 
  • 55% of enterprise IT Leaders say just 10% of IT service desk tickets are solved through employee self-service today. 
  • The cost of replacing an IT service desk team member in North America is $12,000 + (150% salary for Level1/Level 2 skilled IT support talent). 
  • The impact: 73% of employees said it took hours/days/weeks to get IT issues resolved. 

Why savvy IT leaders deploy workspace intelligence 

An intelligent digital workspace analytics solution is a platform that leverages data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide insights and recommendations for optimizing the use and performance of a digital workspace. There are several potential business case benefits, and IT support automation outcomes, that organizations may consider when evaluating the potential investment in an intelligent digital workspace analytics solution. 

  • Agile IT support. An intelligent digital workspace analytics solution can help organizations improve their IT support by providing real-time visibility into the performance and usage of the digital workspace. This can help IT teams more quickly identify and resolve issues, and also provide better support to employees. 
  • Reduced support costs. By providing insights and recommendations for optimizing the use and performance of the digital workspace, an intelligent solution can also help organizations reduce their IT support costs. For example, the solution can identify and resolve issues before they become major problems, reducing the need for IT support. 
  • Proactive online security. An intelligent solution can help organizations improve their security posture by providing visibility into potential security risks and vulnerabilities. For example, it can identify and alert IT teams to suspicious activity or unusual usage patterns, helping organizations proactively address security threats. 
  • Optimized employee experience. The solution can help organizations improve the user experience by providing real-time insights and recommendations for optimization. For example, it can identify trends in how employees use the digital workspace and provide recommendations for improving the user experience by reconfiguration. 
  • Accelerated routine workflow. An intelligent solution can help organizations enhance productivity. For example, it can identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies, and provide recommendations for reducing the time and effort required to complete online tasks by streamlining the workflow. 

Here are some key IT metrics to consider: How much is it worth to your organization to control avoidable IT service desk requests from remote digital workspace users? To what degree would user self-help improve productivity? What IT costs can be reduced by routine task automation? 

The IT business case for VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence 

Workspace ONE Intelligence is a cloud-based analytics and automation platform that helps organizations optimize their digital workspace. It provides insights and intelligence into how employees are using their devices and applications, and it helps IT leaders identify areas for improvement and automation. 

The compelling reasons to choose our solution: 

  • Improved productivity. By providing insights into how employees are using their devices and applications, Workspace ONE Intelligence can help organizations identify opportunities to optimize their digital workspace and increase productivity. 
  • Enhanced security. Workspace ONE Intelligence can help organizations identify potential security risks and take proactive measures to protect their data and devices. 
  • Streamlined management. The platform offers a range of automation tools that can help organizations streamline their digital workspace management, including the provisioning and deployment of applications, devices, and updates. 
  • Customized insights. Workspace ONE Intelligence provides customizable dashboards and reports that allow organizations to view and analyze data relevant to their specific operational needs and performance goals. 

Overall, Workspace ONE Intelligence is an effective solution for IT support modernization. 

Act now to realize the value creation benefits 

Consider the possibilities of enabling your organization to apply digital workspace analytics and automation that will empower business and technology leaders to gain valuable new insight. 

Start by exploring the licensed features of Workspace ONE Intelligence. Learn how you can easily activate a trial version in this video to try the comprehensive capabilities for free within 30 days. 

Then, when you’re ready, contact us for a no-cost initial use case consultation and request assistance to outline a business case for your specific Workspace ONE Intelligence project. 

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