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Announcing Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense

Today we are announcing the premiere of VMware Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense, which provides advanced mobile security for Android, iOS, and Chrome OS. Through a unique integration with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, protection is provided through an application that employees consistently use for work. Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense is generally available now.

We listened to customers and heard that adoption of mobile security was challenging, in part because up to now, end users have been required to install and activate a separate security application to enable advanced mobile security. The resulting lack of adoption of security-specific applications can make compliance a challenge.

A user is notified of a network-related risk.

With mobile security capabilities integrated directly into Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, there is no separate application to install and activate. An administrator simply enables Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense for a device, and then it is automatically protected with advanced mobile security. Reporting and remediation can be automated across users and devices, with threat information informing UEM policy actions.

The protection integrated in Intelligent Hub – which includes device, application, and rogue network threat detection – is powered by Lookout, a leader in the mobile security space. By partnering with Lookout, VMware offers security for corporate and BYOD mobile devices that’s powered by the Lookout Security Graph.

You can see the solution in action in our demo video and learn more from our solution brief (PDF) and at VMware Docs.

VMware Anywhere Workspace offers coordinated endpoint protection that includes consolidated views of events and information and the automation of responses and remediation across users and devices. Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense extends endpoint protection in VMware Anywhere Workspace to Android, iOS, and Chrome OS devices.

To get started, contact your VMware sales representative or visit VMware.com.