VMware Horizon Events

Come see VMware at an IGEL DISRUPT On Tour event near you!

Live events are back, and this year IGEL DISRUPT is making up for lost time by taking their signature conference on tour. DISRUPT On Tour events will be held in over 20 cities across North America and Europe, with the next ones coming up in Leuven, Belgium on May 11; Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 12; and Vienna, Austria on May 12.

If you’re not familiar with IGEL DISRUPT, it’s an EUC event that focuses on desktop virtualization, put on by IGEL – a company known for its next-generation edge operating system that is behind many of the thin clients and endpoints used to access virtual desktops and applications. DISRUPT has (necessarily) taken on many forms over the years, but the vendor-agnostic approach and community feel has remained the same.

VMware is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of DISRUPT, and will be participating in many of the tour stops between now and October. We’ll be there to learn from you about how the decentralization of the workplace and the ongoing demand for remote work has affected both your current day-to-day approach, as well as your overall EUC strategy for the future. Plus, we’ll share the unique opportunities available to customers when partnering with Microsoft and VMware. We’ll focus on how you can meet all your core remote work objectives with our joint platform that delivers the ultimate flexibility in on-premises and cloud-delivered virtual desktops and apps.

Locations and dates

VMware representatives will be present at every event, all year! (I will personally be at several, starting with Minneapolis). If you’re interested in attending, you’re sure to find an event nearby. In May alone, there will be DISRUPT tour stops at:

  • Leuven, Belgium (May 11)
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota (May 12)
  • Vienna, Austria (May 12)
  • London, UK (May 19)
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (May 24)
  • Cologne, Germany (May 24)

There are many more tour stops throughout the year. Most are set, but changes might still be made. For the latest on each event, plus registration and hotel information, visit DISRUPTEUC.com. We hope to see you there!