Adoption and Change Management

IDG and VMware research shows that end user adoption programs increase the success of EUC projects

Organizations that are successful in their digital workspace initiatives care as much about the technology rollout as they do about the people and process side of the EUC transformation. This is why best-in-class organizations launch adoption programs and run adoption campaigns to ensure users understand the advantage of the technology and can make the most out of it.

A survey recently conducted in partnership with IDG shows that organizations with a mature approach towards end-user adoption have much higher rates of fully successful EUC projects than those that only address technology-related aspects or don’t take any action to accelerate adoption.

More specifically, successful organizations train their IT support staff, design technical support offerings, curate their communication strategy, run readiness assessments, and offer a range of enablement resources to their end users, as shown in the figure below.

Download the infographic here.

The survey also revealed that timing is critical. An adoption program delivers the best results when launched before or concurrently with the technology rollout.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the responsibility for end user adoption falls almost entirely on the IT team. Few organizations can count on the contribution of other stakeholders, such as the HR or marketing team. According to the survey, not all organizations leverage adoption programs and campaigns to accelerate end user adoption. This is due to a lack of resources and skills in many cases.

The vast majority of survey respondents expect their software vendors and service providers to have a significant role in supporting them with end user adoption. VMware’s Adoption and Change Management Program was designed precisely to respond to this need.

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