VMware Horizon Modernizing VDI and DaaS Workspace Security

A look at the VMware Horizon key logger blocker – Ron’s Cool Feature of the Week

This week I spoke with Kristina De Nike about a small but important feature – the keylogger blocker.

During the work from home and remote surge we saw during Covid, a large number of customers worried about the employee’s personal devices that were going to be accessing company resources. One of their worries were keyloggers or key stroke loggers buried in malware on this unmanaged client device.

This keylogger blocking feature was introduced to our Horizon client for Mac. It allows admins to centrally configure a GPO that applies to the virtual machines being accessed, then reconfigures the client (at connection) to block key logging/sharing for the client-side application. The client application in this case is the Horizon client being used to access that corporate desktop or Horizon hosted applications.

You can learn more about Horizon 8 2111 features in our overview video, and our release notes for the keylogger blocker can be found in the Horizon 2011 release notes.

In the Ron’s Cool Feature video series, I talk with VMware Product Managers, Engineers, and Field Engineers to dig into and find cool and sometimes overlooked features within our product stacks. Some of these will be new and exciting with lots of fanfare, and others may just be a cool feature that I think has been overlooked but has the ability to really impact the average admin that is dealing with our technology on a daily basis.