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VMware Horizon and Google Chromebooks Deliver Cost-Effective Workspace Solution with a Special Pricing Offer

Holiday season is right around the corner. As you gear up your business – whether it is ramping up full-time hiring or adding seasonal workers to manage the holiday rush – you will need to equip employees with the devices and applications they need to stay productive. But this might not be as easy as it sounds. Lead times and prices on PCs have risen due to global chip and component shortages making it difficult to secure the devices you need.

Good news. VMware and Google have partnered to offer a joint solution that allows you to equip employees with secure, affordable devices that provide access to their business-critical Windows virtual desktops and apps allowing employees to work anywhere.

Google Chromebook Enterprise devices combined with VMware Horizon and its virtual desktop client for Chrome OS provides a lower-cost, easy to manage alternative to Microsoft Windows devices and a better user experience than legacy thin clients.

Chromebook Enterprise Offers a Cost-Effective Alternative to PCs

Today, more businesses are choosing Chrome OS and finding it meets their business needs for work-from-home and other use cases across financial services, retail, healthcare, and other industries. Chrome OS is a cloud-native operating system that provides end users with a modern experience that deploys quicker than Windows 10, has built-in security, and reduces the total cost of ownership. Chromebook Enterprise devices combine the end-user benefits of Chrome OS with the business capabilities of Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, allowing IT to enable distributed workers to work securely and effectively from anywhere. If you haven’t looked at Chromebooks in a while, now is a great time to give them another look.

VMware Horizon on Chrome OS Delivers and Optimal Experience

VMware Horizon securely delivers virtual desktops and applications, creating a digital workspace that enables employees to work anywhere, anytime. The Horizon client built for Chrome OS provides your employees with a personalized, feature-rich experience. With Horizon, end users can securely access their Windows desktop on the Chromebook and have access to all their critical business applications including Windows apps. Additionally, Horizon on Chrome OS has been optimized for running Microsoft Teams, providing better connectivity, less echoing, dropped calls, and improved video quality to keep employees connected and engaged.

Together, Horizon on Chromebooks delivers a powerful enterprise grade solution that provides the workplace flexibility employees are demanding and the security and simplified management IT requires.

New Promotion with Special Pricing to Get you Started

VMware and Google are offering a special Chromebook promotion for Horizon customers. When you purchase Chromebook Enterprise devices with your Horizon licenses, participating reseller partners are offering special pricing on the combined purchase. You can reach out to your reseller for more information on how to take advantage of these big cost savings.

This is a great time to start using Chromebooks with Horizon to support your workforce. This program provides a cost-effective way to pilot Horizon VDI on Chromebooks for your business and keep your employees connected.

For more information on VMware Horizon visit, https://www.vmware.com/products/horizon.html

For more information on Google Chrome OS and Chromebook Enterprise visit, https://chromeenterprise.google/devices/#devices

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