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Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Employee Essentials

Providing an integrated workspace solution is a critical priority for many of our customers. As organizations have shifted to support distributed work and work from anywhere, there have been benefits, but also experience challenges that have arisen as a result:

  • Lower employee engagement due to lack of freedom of choice of devices
  • Difficulty of application access on different device types
  • Challenging virtual onboarding experiences
  • Poor helpdesk and support experience, which is compounded as inbound tickets have increased since the uptick in distributed work

For companies who want to solve these challenges and provide an integrated workspace solution, VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub with Hub services can solve these challenges and more. However, the need for a unified digital workspace perhaps surpasses device management requirements and is necessary for all employees – including both office and frontline workers – on all devices, mobile and desktop, corporate owned and BYO (bring your own). There was a gap in how we were working with customers to deliver the digital workspace, and we needed to provide the right package to deliver an integrated employee experience to the entire workforce without requiring and entitling additional platform services that might not be necessary for every use case. This package should also function in environments where there might be other management providers in place. The need for greater flexibility in how customers could procure and deploy Intelligent Hub to all employees has led us to today’s announcement.

We are so excited that VMware Workspace ONE Employee Essentials is now generally available! Employee Essentials can be purchased by new Workspace ONE customers who want to start out their journey with Intelligent Hub and Hub services for all employees on any device, or it can be added-on by existing Workspace ONE customers who want to extend the Employee Experience to new employee groups, perhaps as part of a new BYO initiative.

Employee Essentials includes the following Workspace ONE components:

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub – Our digital workspace app, with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows 10 native apps, as well as web browser client. Today, iOS, Android, and Windows 10 support registered mode, and the web client can run on any device without a management pre-requisite.

Hub services – Our services that allow you to customize the Intelligent Hub experience for your employees, including:

  • Unified app catalog for access to web, SaaS, native and virtual apps with single sign-on and multi-factor authentication 
  • Notifications service for targeted IT and HR communications  
  • Self-service for employee access to FAQs, KB articles and more  
  • Integrated directory lookup and contact capability with the People service 
  • Branding to personalize color schemes, and self-service and custom tab names 
  • Custom tab to deliver intranet access  
  • VMware AVA (autonomous virtual assistant) 
  • Employee onboarding with pre-hire access to applications and employee communications 

Workspace ONE Access – Also including Workspace ONE Tunnel and VMware UAG for access to internal apps and resources for a comprehensive experience within Intelligent Hub.

Reporting – Basic reports are also included.

We are so excited that Employee Essentials is available today, to allow organizations to easily enable all employees, on every device, no matter where they work, with the best employee experience for the Anywhere Workforce.

When the need arises, Employee Essentials can also be paired with other Workspace ONE services to enhance the employee experience, such as Workspace ONE Assist for remote support, Workspace ONE Intelligence for digital employee experience management (DEEM) and Workspace ONE UEM for device onboarding and cloud-native modern management.

Contact your sales rep today or fill out this request form for more information.

To learn more about Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub and find resources for setup and configuration, visit this blog.

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