VMware Horizon

How Customers Gain Business Value with VMware Horizon

A critical part of a CIO and IT leader’s job is to invest in technology that brings value to their organization and aligns with their organization’s business goals and initiatives. That’s why many organizations choose to invest in VMware Horizon, a modern desktop and app virtualization platform that enables IT to deliver secure access to corporate resources for employees located anywhere. The ROI of Horizon can be measured through hard savings, such as reducing time IT spends with ongoing management of desktops and apps, and soft savings, such as employee satisfaction leading to higher employee productivity.

To help quantify the ROI of VMware Horizon, IDC recently interviewed several organizations who use Horizon to help deliver virtual desktops and apps to a significant number of users within their organizations across private, hybrid and cloud deployments. As a result of the study, it’s clear how much substantial business value Horizon provides for these customers:

  • Over 500% ROI in a 3-year span due to a better user experience for employees, more reliable and flexible access to business apps, and optimizing cost and staff requirements for running desktops and apps
  • Nearly 50% lower cost of operations in a 3-year span, based on reducing time spent on device support and management
  • Over 90% less planned downtime due to device-related issues
  • A customer quoted “Over the space of about three days when COVID hit, we checked out every laptop we could find to employees and got them all virtualized in about 72 hours with VMware Horizon. That’s not something I think we could have done with other products.”

Several reasons contribute to how customers gain this type of business value with Horizon. The hybrid nature of delivering desktops and apps across on-premises and public cloud offerings with Horizon gives IT choice in where they deploy and what they manage. Customers can go the traditional route of deploying and managing virtual desktops and apps all on-premises, or optimize management of their on-premises deployment with our SaaS-based Horizon Control Plane. Or customers can deploy some or all workloads in public cloud vendors like Microsoft, AWS and Google, opening more use cases for VDI and apps than ever, such as HA/DR and cloud burst. IT can also cut down on time spent managing images, apps, and devices by using centralized management and execution with Horizon. Many customers also take advantage of the SDDC integrations offered with Horizon and vSphere, NSX and vSAN, as well as Workspace ONE to help drive their organization towards an Anywhere Workspace.

The business benefits of deploying and using Horizon mentioned above are just the beginning of the potential value VMware can provide. I encourage you to read the full IDC White Paper, sponsored by VMware, The Business Value of VMware Horizon, doc #US48090721, August 2021, to find out even more on how organizations are gaining business value with Horizon. For more information on VMware Horizon, visit vmware.com/go/horizon.

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