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Secure virtual desktops and applications for the “Anywhere Workforce”

It should be no surprise to anyone that the 2020 pandemic changed (dare I say, forever changed) the way the world conducts business. We are all finding ourselves spending much more time at home and coffee shops, embracing the shift to a work-from-anywhere model. While this has been a much-anticipated trend, COVID-19 accelerated the rate at which workforces became remote, and with a huge corresponding increase in cyberattacks, it’s now imperative for organizations to adopt a solution that helps empower and protect their distributed workforce from security risks.  

We’ve seen a number of supporting trends and stats indicating the market’s response to supporting this anywhere workforce; and while much of that data points to the increase in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) implementations, it’s worth noting that all VDI solutions are not one in the same.  

While VMware saw cloud VDI adoption grow 82% in 6 weeks as response to the rapid shift to remote work, many organizations who already ran virtual desktop infrastructure were in great shape to help, but couldn’t scale quickly enough on premises. Thankfully, infrastructure resources were readily available in the public cloud. Now, what we see are separate environments hosted on premises and in the cloud. Similarly, we also know that cyber-attacks have grown 400% post-COVID-19. Therefore, it becomes imperative to find a VDI solution that streamlines operations and security without adding more complexity, overhead, or cost to one’s virtual desktop environment.  

VMware Workspace Security VDI 

To support organizations everywhere with a proven, industry-leading technology, VMware is excited to introduce VMware Workspace Security VDI, powered by VMware Horizon and Carbon Black Cloud, delivering secure hybrid cloud virtual desktops and applications for the distributed workforce. 

VMware Workspace Security VDI helps truly enable employees to work from anywhere while giving businesses the confidence that their data and systems are secure. With next-generation endpoint device protection from VMware Carbon Black Cloud, IT can further improve VDI security and help provide a Zero Trust security model across every user, application, and endpoint, that also empowers employees.

In a recent case study, Ben Moore, Lead Systems Engineer at Preferred Mutual, said: 

“If a device is stolen, broken, or lost, “There’s no company data on it anyway,” said Moore, because it all resides in the data center. “We ship them a new thin client that’s already pre-configured, and they’re good to go. If they have their own laptop, they just sign in and they’re back in business. It’s been great for the company.”

Benefits of VMware Workspace Security VDI 

VDI for the “anywhere workforce” provides many security benefits aimed to enable employees to work remote, with better protection. The basic principles are centered around reducing risk, cutting costs, and improving the user experience. This is achieved with:

  • Defense against cutting-edge security threats other endpoint security products might miss, including fileless malware, ransomware, modern threats, and below-the-operating system attacks.
  • Streamlined endpoint security extending to every endpoint and eliminating multiple security point products.
  • VDI management in a single plane to manage all your desktops and applications, both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Ability to deploy workloads immediately where infrastructure is available.
  • Increased user productivity with increased uptime and a delightful user experience.

Learn from our case studies 

The United States Senate Federal Credit Union (USSFC) needed to fortify its IT environment to provide enhanced VDI security to its members with a private cloud environment. Leveraging VMware Horizon VDI and Carbon Black Cloud, they were able to achieve:

  • Reduced data center costs by 70% while cutting end-user computing support costs by two-thirds.
  • Created a more intrinsically secure virtual desktop environment for member data.
  • Improved employee and customer experiences with protected digital workspaces.

Read more about the United States Federal Credit Union here.

Resources to get started today 

Customers can get started for just $9.19 per user per month, leveraging VMware’s Horizon Subscription upgrade program, and be one step closer to deliver on Workspace Security’s promise to:

  • Simplify management and reduce operational costs.
  • Deploy on-premises or in the cloud via a hybrid model.
  • Enhance the employee experience.
  • Save an estimated $3.7M over 3 years with Carbon Black (based on 5,000 users).
  • Reduce breach risk by 20% (based on a Forrester Total Economic Impact study commissioned by VMware).

To learn more about Workspace Security VDI and how VMware can help support your remote workers, read our Workspace Security VDI Solution Overview brief (PDF) or visit our Workspace Security Solutions page.

For more on VMware Horizon, check out this infographic on the benefits of cloud-hosted VDI, or watch our video overview of desktop and app virtualization. For a hands-on experience with VMware Horizon, take the Hands-on Lab.