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VMware Horizon Announcements

New Horizon SaaS Offerings Reduce Cost with Flexible Deployment and Management

VMware’s Horizon Universal Subscription provides a great way for Horizon VDI and published apps customers to gain access to the innovative cloud management services hosted in the Horizon Control Plane. These services are designed to help customers simplify management and reduce operational costs for on-premises Horizon deployments. The Horizon Universal Subscription also entitles on-premises customers to new cloud-enhanced use cases like disaster recovery and cloud bursting, while providing new hybrid and multi-cloud deployment options for desktops and apps across public and private clouds. In sum, customers can gain management efficiencies from the cloud for their on-premises environment and expand use cases and capacity to the cloud when they’re ready.

Today, we are excited to introduce two new Horizon subscription offerings with many of the same key features as the Horizon Universal Subscription: Horizon Standard Subscription and Horizon Apps Standard Subscription. Available today, these new offerings give customers more options with which to access these cloud-native VDI and app management capabilities. Let’s take a look at these new offerings in detail.

Horizon Standard Subscription

With Horizon Standard Subscription, IT can choose where to deploy their Horizon desktops and apps from a wide variety of cloud deployment options – including on-premises and public clouds. With the upgrade to Horizon Standard Subscription, no redeployment is needed for existing on-premises workloads and it’s easy to extend desktop and app workloads to the cloud if that’s what you want to do. While Horizon Universal Subscription offers the most benefits for customers by providing access to all Horizon Control Plane services, the Horizon Standard Subscription provides a simple path for Horizon Standard on-premises customers to start using cloud-based management to optimize their existing deployment immediately.

Gaining access to the Horizon Control Plane cloud-hosted management services, such as image management and universal brokering, helps IT simplify their on-premises VDI and app management and cut down on operational costs. For example, the Image Management Service can reduce operating system image count by enabling IT to manage and distribute desktop images centrally and automatically across different clouds and pods. This results in less time IT has to spend managing images and waiting for them to replicate, while reducing costs spent on overall image maintenance.

Universal brokering allows IT to set up a single URL for multi-cloud or multi-pod environments, enhancing the end user experience while removing the need for Global Server Load Balancers (GSLB). Both of these Horizon Control Plane services, among others, are available in Horizon Standard Subscription. Furthermore, Horizon Standard Subscription provides enterprise capabilities such as power management to help control cloud costs if you decide to move, VMware’s Blast Extreme protocol for consistently great user experiences and robust endpoint support to desktop virtualization environments.

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Horizon Apps Standard Subscription

Horizon Apps Standard Subscription is ideal for low-complexity environments, enabling IT to manage the costs of RDSH-based published desktops and apps while delivering the best possible remote work experience. Horizon Apps Standard Subscription also offers access to several Horizon Control Plane services, including image management, universal brokering and cloud monitoring.

Horizon Apps Standard Subscription is a great fit for delivering Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure, so customers can reduce Azure consumption costs and optimize user experience for Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop deployments, including support for Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session. Plus, if you need more advanced features as your environment grows – such as app management, hybrid deployment capabilities or advanced user environment management – upgrading to Horizon Apps Universal Subscription is easy.

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The availability of these two new packages adds to our existing Horizon subscription options, giving customers more flexibility with right-sized feature sets tailored to meet their needs. To learn more, visit the Horizon product page to compare our subscription offerings and find out which Horizon subscription offering is right for you. For existing Horizon customers, visit the Horizon Subscription Upgrade Program page to understand how you can take advantage of the new upgrade pricing.

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