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The Future Begins Now – VMware Joins the Modern Computing Alliance as a Founding Member

Necessity is the mother of innovation. The past year has done well to reinforce this point, especially with respect to technology systems. From supporting newly-distributed workforces to helping employees safely return to offices, a wide array of IT challenges reminded us that legacy solutions cannot be relied upon to address modern obstacles.

VMware has long invested in shaping the future of work and helping businesses become more agile, self-sufficient and flexible through the modernization of IT infrastructure and end-user computing. Continuing on this journey, we are excited to announce that VMware has joined like-minded innovators as a founding member of the Modern Computing Alliance.

The Modern Computing Alliance is the first collaboration of its kind between technology leaders driving toward a common goal – to build modern, cloud-first business solutions that best serve the technology needs of our customers. It will draw on member organizations’ collective expertise to help customers move away from legacy computing practices and provide access to high performance devices of choice, modern applications and security, lower costs and ultimately, deliver great employee experiences.

Members of the Modern Computing Alliance will work together to define the future of computing through targeted areas:

• Work Productivity – Reimagine productivity of a distributed workforce by enhancing remote worker experiences, improving end-user workflows and surfacing intelligence and insights.

• Security and Identity – Better protect against increasingly sophisticated security challenges in today’s interconnected world.

• Healthcare – Drive productivity and efficiency across modern healthcare workflows covering telemedicine to at-home care.

• Performance – Optimize performance across the entire vertical stack with seamless peripheral compatibility.

The shared goal among the Modern Computing Alliance members is to fuel innovation in these key areas and provide customers with preferred choices without the tradeoffs they may face with a single vendor.

Customers will play an integral role in the Modern Computing Alliance through the Modern Computing IT Council, which will provide a forum for IT champions to make themselves heard. Customer IT Council participants will have exclusive lines of communication with Modern Computing Alliance members and help define the future of computing through research, advisory workshops, roadmap inputs, and solution testing.

We look forward to working with partners and customers alike as we continue to shape the future of work. Stay tuned for more news from the Modern Computing Alliance at moderncomputing.com!