VMware Horizon

Power Up a Virtual Creative Workstation Anywhere with VMware and NVIDIA

As the global workforce is becoming more geographically dispersed, demand for graphics intensive applications are also on the rise for all types of employeesincluding knowledge workers and creative professionals. These employees want to access their productivity tools – such as video conferencing, multi-monitors and 3D graphics applications – from anywhere on any device, expecting an experience that rivals the graphics experience on physical PCs 

Deliver the Right Level of Performance for Every Use Case  

VMware partners with NVIDIA to deliver best-in-class user experience on any device. VMware Horizon with NVIDIA virtual GPU provides a full spectrum approach to enhancing end user experience and accelerating application responsiveness. Whether it’s Office productivity applications on Windows 10 or professional visualization applications such as Autodesk Maya, IT is empowered to securely deliver feature-rich virtual Windows or Linux desktops and the apps employees need to remain productive, while improving the graphics performance every user expects.   

Empower Remote Work and Virtual Meetings 

As more employees have switched to remote working, homes have been turned into extended workplaces and video conferencing sessions, along with other collaboration applications, have become an integral part of many people’s daysWith VMware Horizon and NVIDIA vGPU, business and knowledge workers benefit from an improved VDI experience with office applications, web browsers, high definition video and Windows 10 operating systemall delivered securely from data center. Business can increase the density of virtual desktops with NVIDIA GRID GPUresulting in a cost-effective way of delivering virtual desktops and apps that enable more employees to access corporate resource with a native-PC like experienceThe latest release of Horizon optimizes the remote experience for video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Cisco WebEx. Accelerated by NVIDIA vGPU, Horizon Blast Protocol reduces overall video conferencing latency and bandwidth utilization, creating an unparalleled collaborating experience for all remote employees. With Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure being supported by NVIDIA vGPUbusiness can now take the full advantage of Horizon’s extensive deployment options for speedy and flexible deployment to fulfill every business need.  

Enable Virtual Creative Workstations Everywhere  

One industry that we see a surge in demand for vGPU-enabled virtual desktops and apps is Media and Entertainment. For creative and technical professionals, VMware Horizon and NVIDIA enable remote access to the power-user applications they know and love, such as Audodesk 3ds Max or Maya, Avid Media Composer, NUKE and Unreal Engine. These professional graphic users get to enjoy a native creative workstation experience to tackle graphically demanding workflows anywhere, anytime, on any device, providing them with greater flexibility as to where and when they work.  

Customers in the Media and Entertainment industry around the world are seeing success leveraging Horizon and NVDIA partnership to improve remote working experience and equipment economics. Animal Logicone of the world’s leading independent creative digital studioand 3D movie makersdeployed virtual machines (VMs) powered by Horizon and NVIDIA Quadro® Virtual Data Center Workstation instead of purchasing new $10,000 workstations. Horizon and NVIDIA vGPU-enabled VMs ensure users can access both Linux- and Windows-based applications from a single machine, so the studio doesn’t have to purchase secondary machines just for Linux environments, which is essential to some production scenarios. Another benefit they’ve enjoyed is mobility – when traveling to Los Angelescreative staff can seamlessly access their Linux virtual workstation that runs smoothly, even in a virtualized environment.   

Want to Learn More? 

We are excited to have two industry experts joining together to talk about how VMware Horizon and NVIDIA boost remote employee productivity for use cases including 3D rendering, graphics  and multimedia-intensive applicationsCheck out the session Enabling Creative Workspaces from Anywhere powered by VMware Horizon and NVIDIA virtual GPU” (A22462) at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) hosted virtually from October 5th to October 9th, 2020This session will be available on demand starting October 5, 2020. 

Want to Try for Free? 

VMware and NVIDIA are offering free trials to help customer realized the power and performance that meets every need, from at home or anywhere. 

Horizon Universal License Free Trial: Extended free trials of VMware Horizon on-premises and Horizon Cloud on Azure for 90 days and 100 named users. 

NVIDIA vGPU 90 day evaluation: NVIDIA is offering free, 90-day virtual GPU software evaluation for 128 licenses.