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From Zero (Trust) to Hero! Zero Trust Security Sessions at VMworld 2020

Today, Zero Trust security is increasingly becoming an active project in organizations of all sizes. With the shift from mostly office-based, to mostly remote, the importance of taking a “never trust always verify” approach to security has never been more important.

One of the first questions that gets asked is “How do I get started”? Looking at the framework descriptions and white papers can be confusing. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with lots of great content. Here are just a few of the sessions to add to your schedule.

1. [ISWS1383] – A Practical Guide to Implementing Zero Trust

2. [ISNS1059] Trusting Zero Trust: How VMware IT Reimagined Security and Resiliency

3. [ISNS2647] Cloud Delivered Enterprise Remote Access and Zero Trust

4. [ISWS1680] Workspace ONE Access Policies for Zero Trust and Conditional Access

5. [DEM3295] Leverage Risk Analytics for Zero Trust Security in Your Digital Workspace

6. [ISNS2893] Security for Business Continuity and Remote Work

7. [DEM3291] VMware Workspace ONE Access

8. [DWDE1378] Achieving Passwordless Authentication Today with Workspace ONE

9. [ISWS1795] Securing and Protecting Your Office 365 Data with VMware Workspace ONE

Intrinsic Security at VMworld 2020

At VMworld 2020 you’ll also see a lot of information about Intrinsic Security. VMware believes that security should be built-in, not bolted on and the Intrinsic security approach utilizes your VMware infrastructure as sources of data, and points of control. VMware’s Intrinsic Security approach enables organizations to implement a Zero Trust framework.

Security at VMworld

For end-user computing, Intrinsic Security brings together the device management and identity and access capabilities delivered by Workspace ONE. Unique to VMware is the ability to incorporate data from other elements of the Intrinsic Security model such as workload protection and network security. This means that the desktop and mobility teams can benefit from insights and capabilities from the workload security team such as the threat detection and response and next-generation anti-virus capabilities, and also from the network security team with capabilities such as micro-segmentation. Examples of this are the recent announcements around our Workspace Security and SASE  solutions. In fact, we have a whole track dedicated to Workspace Security including sessions on how to secure both physical and virtual desktops by integrating Carbon Black. These include:

1. [ISWS2945] How Management & Security Must Combine to Deliver Secure Digital Workspace featuring EUC CTO Shawn Bass and Gary Wang from SAIC

2. [DEM3274] Holistic Workspace Security: VMware Carbon Black Cloud and Workspace ONE

3. [ISWS1074] VMware Security: VMware Carbon Black Cloud and Workspace ONE Intelligence

4. [ISWS1783] Securing your Windows 10 environment with VMware Workspace ONE and Carbon Black

5. [ISWS1786D] Securing Your Virtual Desktop with VMware Horizon and VMware Carbon Black

6. [DEM3224] Securing Your Virtual Desktop with VMware Horizon and VMware Carbon Black

You’ll be able to find more information on this and everything else that’s new in the end user computing keynote presentation – Journey to a Future Ready Workforce [DW2716].

There’s a lot of content to look through this year so make sure to sign up to those sessions, find your comfiest sweatpants and slippers (just me?) get your popcorn and coffee and have a great VMworld!

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