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Workspace ONE Cloud Admin Hub: A Unified Experience for Management and Delivery of the Digital Workspace

IT administrators must navigate a complex landscape to deliver, secure and manage a productive digital experience for their co-workers. Considering the pandemic-driven shift to a more distributed and remote workforce, getting the digital experience right is critical to the success of a business. In this post, we introduce Workspace ONE Cloud Admin Hub, a web-based administrative platform that connects end-user computing (EUC) services to facilitate efficient management and delivery of the digital workspace.

In 2013, a digital lifetime ago, Alan Dabbiere – then the chairman of AirWatch – sat down with the New York Times and stated, “Being able to take the complex and turn it into simple — that’s what we do for a living.” Fast-forward to 2020, with the evolution of Mobile Device Management (MDM) to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and, finally, to Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), this brief statement still rings true. Add in a few additional platforms, thousands of new enterprise applications, expectations for improved employee experience, and security requirements, and the IT admin faces a challenging mission. While technology has enabled our advancement to a more productive and mobile digital workforce, its overwhelming complexity too often becomes a hindrance.

In a recent global survey administered during the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly 5,000 app developers and business/IT decision-makers from across the globe reported on their major barriers to successful digital transformation. Indeed, the most common barrier to transformation was having “too many platforms that over-complicated the delivery of change.”

From: https://www.vmware.com/radius/businesscontinues/

With Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, we’ve taken the complex and created a simple, secure digital workspace experience for your end-users. However, to enable that experience, the IT admin must often navigate across several systems, products and services both within and outside of VMware.

Today, we are excited to introduce Workspace ONE Cloud Admin Hub and show how it can help break down your technology barriers to achieve digital transformation success!

Simplified IT Administration with Workspace ONE Cloud Admin Hub

Workspace ONE Cloud Admin Hub brings together your powerful VMware end-user computing services onto one console. As an IT admin, you can access services like Unified Endpoint Management, Workspace ONE Access, or Horizon Cloud directly from a single console – all without having to sign-in again or maintain different admin accounts. Through a unified admin identity and a single platform stitching together powerful Workspace ONE services, the launch of Workspace ONE Cloud Admin Hub seeks to transform the customer journey and experience end-to-end, from service discovery to a successful implementation.

The Workspace ONE Cloud Admin Hub home page

Workspace ONE Cloud Admin Hub also offers a Getting Started track from the console itself, as well as tracks for each of the services you are managing. These sections offer a brief snapshot into what should be completed during onboarding and what should be completed based on common use cases.

Admins will also see a more streamlined experience to access Workspace ONE Intelligence – a core end-user computing service that offers insights, analytics, and automations across the Workspace ONE portfolio. Navigation to these Intelligence dashboards, reports, and automations is now at admins’ fingertips; and customizable in the Cloud Admin Hub homepage for ready access to the most important information pertaining to their digital workspace.

This week at VMworld 2020, you have a special opportunity to get a sneak peek into this new console and explore the new user experience for the Workspace ONE platform. Sign up for the virtual design studio session UX0007 Shape the Future of the Workspace ONE Cloud First-Time User Experience here.

Our team is working hard to bring even more functionality into Workspace ONE Cloud Admin Hub. Along with simplified onboarding and streamlined access into your end-user computing services, look forward to additional functionality including – improved licensing and billing visibility; enhanced support and troubleshooting; simplified trial and try and buy experiences; and powerful, streamlined workflows for setup, management, and visibility of key digital workspace use cases across the breadth of our powerful Workspace ONE services.

Very soon, we will be rolling out Workspace ONE Cloud Admin Hub for all new Workspace ONE SaaS (hosted) customers. For our existing Workspace ONE customers and admins, there will be no immediate impact, as this remains a critical time for business continuity. However, we are focused on quickly creating a seamless transition to experience Workspace ONE Cloud Admin Hub and its benefits. Our team is excited to help you simplify and break down any remaining technology complexities to ensure a future ready workforce.

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