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Join our Virtual Community EUC Tech Talk Series after VMworld

Everyone reading this probably knows that VMworld 2020 will take place online next week. You may recall that since joining VMware in 2018, I’ve hosted a live community tech talk geek beer + junk food evening event at VMworld. Here are some photos from last year, both San Francisco and Barcelona.

This EUC Community event has more of the “BriForum” feel of the old days. We let anyone talk about whatever topic they want, we don’t pre-approve slides, it’s in the evening and just plain old fun!

The talks are “lighting” style, 15-minutes each. So in the two-hour event, we can get 5-6 speakers plus have time for other ad hoc conversations and topics.

For the online version of VMworld 2020 next week, I’ll host a virtual version of this EUC Community Tech Talk Beer + Junk Food event. We’ll have this 2-hour online event on Friday, October 2, 2020 (the Friday of VMworld week), consisting of two separate sessions (one timed for Europe and the other for the Americas).

Post-VMworld Update: Replay links are live

If you’re reading this post now, VMworld 2020 has already happened. Here are the replay links for the two sessions:



EUC Tech Talk Series Agenda

I’ve already reached out to the VMware EUC Champions and EUC vExperts to ask people if they’d like to present, and we have the following talks set now. However, there’s still room in both sessions if you’d like to talk. (Anyone can talk about anything. Email me, brian@vmware.com, if you’re interested or want to discuss ideas.)

Session 1 (Europe, Middle East, and Africa times)

  • Thomas Poppelgaard, VMware Horizon 8 + HPE m750 next generation bare metal VDI
  • Johan van Amersfoort, Project STIG: How AI, VDI and Autonomous Driving converge into a nerd’s fantasy
  • Brian Madden & Shawn Bass reflect on VMworld & answer your questions
  • Yury Magalif, Worst Performing Applications and How to Reduce Their Impact


Session 2 (Americas times)

  • Dane Young, Scaling the Horizon Architecture for Large Enterprise Deployments
  • Sean Massey, Getting the UAG to run in Google Cloud Platform
  • Jon Towles, Demo of Workspace ONE and Intune Conditional Access Integration
  • Brian Madden & Shawn Bass reflect on VMworld & answer your questions
  • Theresa Miller, Pushing beyond your comfort Zone: Advancing Your Career in Tech Through Public Speaking

If you want to present

All are welcome to present! These events are Zoom webcasts, so if you know how to use Zoom, then you have everything you need. I’ll MC each one and make you a presenter in Zoom right before it’s your turn, and you’ll have 15 minutes to do your thing. We will be using the Zoom webcast feature (versus a regular meeting), so we’ll have the ability to do audience Q&A and stuff like that.

Since this is a “Beer and Junk Food” event, the only REQUIREMENT is that you spend the first minute or so telling us about your favorite drink and junk food. (Drink does not have to be beer or alcoholic, in fact, I plan to talk about the very nerdy carbonated mineral water system I put built for my kitchen.) Ideally, you’ll actually have some of the drink and food to show us live, but worst case just build a few slides with photos. 🙂