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VMware Horizon Employee Experience

Modernize Your Hybrid Cloud VDI and Apps Deployment with VMware and Dell EMC

Why You Need a Hybrid Cloud VDI and App Strategy 

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and published apps enable employees to securely access business-critical desktops and applications anytime, anywhere, across any device with a great end-user experience. IT can use VDI and published apps as means for centralized management that lowers costs and operational burdenwhile also solving for security and compliance use casesAs businesses are rapidly embracing a hybrid cloud strategy for flexibility and economic benefits, a robust VDI and app solution that can be deployed on-premises, in the public cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment also becomes a critical component of successful workspace transformation initiatives. Organizations can take full advantage of a hybrid cloud VDI solution for the rich features and manageability of on-premises deployments and the immediate availability and scale with cloud deploymentsOrganizations are expected to have the ability to easily and quickly expand their VDI capacity for purposes such as to fulfill demand spikes or to create a disaster recovery environment by extending on-premises infrastructure to the public cloud.  

Challenges Associated with Hybrid Cloud VDI deployments 

However, traditionally, a VDI or app workload that spans across hybrid or multi-cloud environments adds complexity to deployment and operations, because it requires different SLAs, different images, different cost structure and different location of virtual desktops and apps. Scaling and moving VDI and app environments across different deployment models can be slow and difficult to execute. User experience may also take a hit – employees can experience inconsistent load time, high latency and poor application performance with their virtual desktops and apps. This can drastically reduce employee productivity and job satisfaction, negatively impacting business outcomes. 

Horizon – A VDI and App Solution Made for Hybrid Cloud 

VMware Horizon is the modern hybrid cloud VDI and app solution that enables quick and easy scaling and management of your desktop and app environment across clouds while ensuring great user experience 

        • The power of options – Customers can freely choose where and how to deploy their VDI and app environments with extensive deployment options supportedfrom on-premises hyper-converged infrastructure such as Dell Technologies Cloud Platform and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, to public clouds such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud and VMware Cloud on AWS. These extensive deployment options truly enable a hybrid model so IT can flexibly leverage cloud resources where they need to 

        • Break down management silos – With the Horizon Control PlaneIT can take advantage of a single management platform to efficiently deploy, manage, and scale desktops and apps, across private and public clouds, and across Horizon pods. For example, IT can utilize a common set of tools and a unified architecture to seamlessly and smoothly migrate on-premises VDI workloads to VMware environments in the public clouds.  

        • Delightful end-user experience – A universal brokering solution is available in Horizon to help federate brokering across multiple cloudsincluding Horizon Cloud on Azure, to automatically connect end users to their personal desktop or app in any pod on-premises or in the public cloud, resulting in low latency and high-quality connection regardless of the user location. 

VMware and Dell EMC – Better Together 

Dell EMC provides great solutions for hybrid infrastructure with its Dell Technologies Cloud and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC infrastructureRegardless of the size of the organization and how much experience it has with VDI and appsVMware Horizon and Dell EMC have a one-stop, end-to-end solution that is a simple path to a hybrid cloud VDI strategy. 

VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform is an optimized on-premises VDI and app solution with automation and built-in lifecycle management for the entire VDI stack. Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP), which is VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail, is the only hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) system fully integrated with VMware Cloud Foundation SDDC ManagerThe tight integration between the two offers customers a seamless, automated upgrade experience that dramatically simplifies the operation of an on-premises private cloud with extensibility to public cloud. For customers who plan to scale their VDI and app environment from the on-premises data center to the cloud, Horizon on DTCP provides an easy and fast way to extend the capability to public clouds. This deployment model for Horizon is perfect for organizations who are looking for a direct and accelerated path to hybrid cloud and at the same time want the full control and management capability of their HCI and VDI and app instances  

VMware Horizon on VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is VDI solution where Horizon sits on top of VMware Cloud (VMC) on Dell EMC VxRail hardwarefully managed VMware hyper-converged infrastructure layer including compute, storage and networkingVMware operates the hardware and software infrastructure layer needed for the VDI and app deployment end-to-end, eliminating the burden of managing the underlying VDI infrastructure for organizationsJust like with public cloud deployment, IT can get out of the business of managing physical infrastructure and focus more on value added services, such as VDI and app administration and management. It operates in a cloud model, delivering subscription financials and on-demand services. Same as VMware Horizon on DTCP, with the tight integration between VMware’s SDDC Manager and VxRail, IT teams can leverage the same familiar tools and processes to efficiently provision new virtual desktops, centralize desktop management, and improve security and compliance across clouds. This deployment model for Horizon is perfect for organizations who want the best of both worlds – security and control of on-prem deployment and the agility and simplicity of public clouds for their hybrid VDI and app solution  

Learn More at VMworld – Sessions Are Available for Scheduling!  

We are excited to announce that we have invited the VDI and app community’s top experts to come to VMworld and to share their experience and best practices for designing a VDI and app environment that optimizes performance, scalability, cost and user experience. 

In the below sessions, we’ll take a deep dive into VMware Horizon’s management capabilities and deployment options with Dell EMC that allow organizations to scale their VDI environments flexibly and easily across public and private clouds. Register today for free and don’t forget to check these sessions out! 

Modern VDI for the Hybrid Cloud with Dell Technologies Cloud and VMware Horizon [DWHV2821] 

Todd Dayton, Director, Solution Engineering and Principal Technologist, VMware 

Komal Patel, Senior Director, Dell Technologies Cloud, Product Management, Dell 

Learn how VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail, the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP), takes the complexity out of a multi-cloud environment by offering true hybrid compatibility and facilitating consistent operations across private and public cloud environments. 

Building a successful VDI solution with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC [HCP1831] 

Andrew Nielsen, Sr. Director, Workload and Technical Marketing, VMware 

This session will explore how VMware Cloud on Dell EMC dramatically simplifies VDI deployments and helps you deliver virtual desktops and applications securely and efficiently. Learn how to overcome the common challenges organizations face as they race to deliver remote work capabilities and why now is the time to begin the process of your VDI modernization.