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From Operational to Optimal: Building On What We’ve Learnt to Create a Digital Foundation for Growth

What businesses have achieved over the course of this year is incredible. Ways of working and business models have shifted at extraordinary speed. But now you need to understand the implications and learn from the challenges of the past few months.

If your organization is like most, you may have lacked the infrastructure and platforms you needed to simply shift to flexible business models and wide-scale remote working. Skills gaps may have left your internal teams heroically delivering ‘good enough’ to keep the business going with limited knowledge or time to consider all the ramifications in detail.

It’s been tough, but you will have gained incredible insights and invaluable lessons to take forward and to make your IT environment, and your business, Future Ready. Now we need to take those lessons and apply them to three key areas:

Core Infrastructure and Applications

Can your infrastructure continue to support remote working, business-critical applications, and digital services without failing or incurring significant short-term costs? Are your processes, systems, and operations resilient but also agile enough to address future crises if they occur?

What to do now: Ensure business-critical applications and data are still protected and fully supported, and that the new ways of working are not creating bottlenecks or weaknesses on your network. Consider the solutions you have in place and understand how to leverage them better. For example, the Atos Digital Hybrid Cloud platform, leveraging VMware technology, enables you to maximize the value of the solutions you have, while giving you the ability to smoothly scale up or down, orchestrate, and migrate workloads to balance demand as required across on-premise and third-party environments. To fully benefit from a hybrid cloud infrastructure, we can help you make your applications cloud-ready with our consulting and application transformation capabilities.

Enabling Employees

Are the devices and external networks employees are using secure? Can staff gain immediate access to the tools they need, when they need them? Can you secure and onboard new talent remotely?

What to do now: Review your help desk and IT support services and look at ways you can streamline and automate them. Optimize employees’ access and productivity by extending the enterprise network out to them and address security issues in the process. Atos Digital Workplace built on VMware solutions has tools that can help extend security to a remote workforce, automate delivery of equipment, and enable automated and virtual set up and support functions. This helps you minimize spend and reassure your employees that they can work the way they need to, without ‘IT issues’ getting in the way.

Automation and Management

Do you still have the visibility you need of your data and applications? Can you migrate these across environments if required to ensure availability and manage costs? What tasks have you had to conduct manually that may have benefited from automation to increase speed and accuracy and free up your team for more critical activities?

 What to do now: Extract the full compute and cost benefits from your cloud and application portfolio and maximize ROI with automation and management tools. In complex environments, automation is key to gaining control. Atos Digital Hybrid Cloud also offers automation and virtual solutions to support more cost-effective elastic scale-out across cloud environments, ease application management and migration in multi-cloud, and help get cloud costs down and under control by terminating unused resources. You can tailor security policies by department or business unit and provide the ideal platform for managing legacy and cloud-native apps at scale and speed. You can also speed delivery of digital services and create frictionless operations with automated ‘self-service’ solutions.


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