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In the wake of the pandemic, organizations are seeing digital transformation has accelerated to keep up with the demands of the distributed workforce.  A part of that digital transformation involves rethinking employee experiences as relates to talent. A McKinsey survey confirms that organizations are 1.5x more likely to report successful digital transformations when they develop talent and skills across an organization. When employees are gathered in an office, it is pretty straightforward to bring in trainers and conduct seminars and workshops. When all employees are remote, it can be a little more challenging to provide opportunities to learn new skills. When these opportunities are harder to come by, it can negatively impact the engagement of employees. Studies have shown that lack of opportunity to learn new skills is one of the highest contributors to unwanted attrition (Forbes Insight 2018). In order to combat this, organizations should be considering learning experiences as a key part of their digital workspace and digital transformation strategy.

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Employee experiences encompass physical, technological, and cultural elements of work. Our customers leverage the Intelligent Hub application to deliver critical services to employees that engage and empower them to be productive, no matter where they are working. This includes a unified app catalog, email, intranet applications, corporate communications, self-service and support access, and more. Because the way we work has changed, employees are starting to ask for additional services.  One of the trends we have seen from the distributed workforce is the request for digital trainings. With the current state of the employment market and higher unemployment, employees want to stay relevant and continue to build up a skillset that is desirable by employers. There are a few ways that organizations can take advantage of the digital workspace with Workspace ONE and easily extend access to courses employees are interested in.

1. Set the Intelligent Hub custom tab to your learning catalog. The custom tab in Intelligent Hub can be set as the default landing page for employees and can be customized to any URL.

2. Use Workspace ONE Notifications service to deliver updates to employees about new or mandatory trainings. Employees can launch and take the trainings directly from the notification.  Deliver information from third party systems through extensible API access and mobile flows.

3. VMware AVA (Autonomous Virtual Assistant) in Intelligent Hub to allow employees to discover and search for courses in an intuitive chatbot UI. With the discovery service in IBM Watson (VMware’s NLP partner for AVA), organizations can train AVA to understand all the trainings that an organization offers.

4. Workspace ONE Content application on mobile allows organizations to publish training content directly. Use existing storage repositories such as NFS, SharePoint, and OneDrive, or upload content directly.

To learn more about how you can augment your digital workspace experience to include integrated learning capabilities for the workforce, we invite you to join our upcoming webinar with EdCast on July 30 at 2 PM ET entitled Empowering Remote Work Collaboration: EdCast LXP Inside VMware Workspace ONE. In partnership with EdCast, VMware is able to extend to our customers the ability to natively include a digital LXP experience as a part of Intelligent Hub. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Register for the upcoming webinar here.