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Android Series Ep 15: Changes to Company-Owned Personally-Enabled (COPE) in Android 11

In previous episodes of our Android series, we have discussed the array of use cases supported by Android Enterprise through its flexible management options. Episode 6 introduced VMware Workspace ONE UEM support for the company-owned personally-enabled, or COPE, use case. COPE is unique because it exists in the middle ground between company-owned and bring your own device (BYOD) use cases. The device itself is company-owned, but it employs a work profile to separate work and personal uses, similar to a BYOD situation.

Boosting User Privacy on Company-Owned Devices

The upcoming release of Android 11 will bring changes that impact how COPE use cases are supported. Google is making a number of changes with the primary goal of strengthening end user privacy on company-owned devices. In this episode, we discuss everything we know about COPE on Android 11 including:

• What changes can you expect with Android 11?

• Why are these changes being made?

• Who does this impact?

• How do you prepare for Android 11?

• When will the changes happen?

Additional Resources on Android 11 Changes

For a current list of expected changes to COPE in Android 11 and information on how to participate in the VMware Digital Workspace Beta Program™, check out our Knowledge Base Article: Getting Ready for Android 11.

For more information, visit My Workspace ONE for product guides and announcements. As always, be sure to return to our blog for the latest on Android Enterprise and Workspace ONE!