VMware Horizon Technical Guides

Switch to the Horizon Console Now!

If you are currently using VMware Horizon 7.8 and below and using the legacy flash-based Horizon Administrator console, we encourage you to switch to the new HTML5-based Horizon Console. You will not be disappointed! The new Horizon Console is more secure and has an array of enhanced capabilities.

As you might have read, Adobe is ending support for flash, effective December 31, 2020. All major browsers are ending their support of flash in 2020. Given that the legacy Horizon Administrator console is based on flash technology, we first launched the new HTML5-based Horizon Console in Horizon 7.8 and have been steadily adding more features and capabilities. While you currently have a choice of using either the older flash-based console or the new HTML5-based offering, we will be making the HTML5-based Console the default in an upcoming Horizon release, and the flash console will no longer be available at that time.

Horizon Console

Here are some of the capabilities that are being introduced as part of the new Console in the upcoming release.

System Health Monitoring

As an administrator, you can see in real-time and in detail, the system-wide issues and the component being impacted. You can also view detailed Session statistics for all Pods in a Cloud Pod Architecture setup.

Additional Privileges to Create Custom Roles

We have exposed more granular privileges that can be bundled together to create Custom Roles. You can create a role that grants all privileges except the ability to create new Admins.

New fields in Sessions Listing and Global Entitlements Page

You will be able to see the Client version for all sessions in the Sessions listing page, which will help in troubleshooting issues related to outdated client versions.

The Global Entitlements page will capture an additional non-unique field called Display Name, which will help simplify the GE model and naming standards. Desktop pool names for all persistent users and all dynamic users could be standardized even though there are multiple Global Entitlements behind the scenes.

Visual Indicator When Deleting Desktop Pools

When you delete a desktop pool from either the desktop page or the machines workflow, you will be able to see a visual indicator on the UI regarding the status of the deletion.

In-Product Feedback

You can share feedback real-time from within the Admin Console. The feedback form can be used to report issues, as well as submit feature requests.

Additional Details on Desktop Pool Summary

The Desktop Pool Summary page will provide additional information around Pool settings, vCenter Server, and Storage.

Improved UX

The Console screens have been modified to have a denser layout. The data grids on the most used workflows have been upgraded to provide filtering and to hide/show columns. Contextual help information has been updated.