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VMware Workspace ONE UEM Earns Samsung Knox Validated Program Certification

Samsung just launched its new Knox Validated program with VMware as an inaugural participant for our VMware Workspace ONE UEM product. The program recognizes leading UEM solution providers that support the most comprehensive feature sets in the market. We are thrilled to be part of this new program and look forward to continued partnership with Samsung Knox!

About Samsung Knox Validated Program

The Samsung Knox Validated program was developed to distinguish digital workspace solution providers that support the most critical Samsung Knox features.

“Samsung tests our partner’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution against a comprehensive set of criteria.  The solutions that pass all mandatory requirements are verified and endorsed by Samsung as having implemented the latest key features of Samsung Knox products, such as Knox Platform for Enterprise and Knox Mobile Enrollment, and also doing so following best practices and in the most user friendly ways.”

For more information, check out Samsung’s recent announcement about the Samsung Knox Validated program for Enterprise Mobile Management

Rapidly evolving market demands call for the regular introduction of new management and security features on the Samsung Knox platform. Through the Knox Validated program, customers can easily identify products, such as VMware Workspace ONE UEM, that have integrated the latest Samsung Knox capabilities.

Workspace ONE and Samsung Knox Joint Solutions

VMware and Samsung have a long-standing partnership and are committed to jointly delivering best-in-class solutions to our customers. Teams at VMware have worked closely with Samsung to develop integrated support for the latest Samsung Knox capabilities on Workspace ONE UEM.

Workspace ONE and Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise

Receive next-level security and management with Samsung’s Knox Platform for Enterprise and Workspace ONE. Samsung has added a set of advanced security and management features, deployed by Workspace ONE, to the underlying Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE)platform for companies that require higher security standards. With Knox Service Plugin integration, Workspace ONE offers day zero support for the latest Knox policies.

Workspace ONE and Samsung Knox E-FOTA One

From the Workspace ONE UEM console, control when OS updates are made on employees’ Samsung devices. Manage a single version of the OS within the enterprise. Test new firmware to understand its impact before deployment.

Workspace ONE and Knox Mobile Enrollment

Simplify device provisioning, enabling IT to bulk enroll and configure thousands of devices simultaneously.

Workspace ONE, Horizon and Samsung DeX

Enhance end user productivity with Windows desktop experiences on Samsung Galaxy devices. Samsung DeX transforms Galaxy mobile devices into desktop mode, while VMware Horizon and Workspace ONE make it easy to securely access virtual desktops and apps from anywhere.

For more information on managing Samsung devices with Workspace ONE UEM, visit: