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Supporting a Rich User Experience for Remote Employees with VMware and NVIDIA

Ensuring great end-user experience is critical to productivity, especially these days as organizations are working to enable more employees to work from home or work remotely. To help with an increasingly remote workforce, many organizations are turning to virtual app and desktop (VDI) technologies like VMware Horizon 7 and Horizon Cloud in order to minimize disruption to their business. Virtual apps and desktops offer IT organizations centralized management of virtual resources that simplify delivery and management of apps and desktops, while providing access to additional layers of security. IT can also give end-users a rich user experience with virtual apps and desktops delivered through Horizon 7 and Horizon Cloud, with features like the Blast Extreme display protocol.

But what about supporting users who rely on complex graphics, like CAD engineers, scientists, architects and manufacturing professionals, who are also suddenly having to work remote? Thanks to collaboration between VMware and NVIDIA, these professionals can also enjoy an enhanced user experience with scalable rich graphics for virtual app and desktop environments.

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VMware and NVIDIA have been collaborating for years in an effort to help deliver virtual GPU enabled virtual apps and desktops for all types of deployments, including on-premises, cloud and hybrid-based environments. IT can leverage the shared nature of virtual GPUs across multiple virtual apps and desktops to efficiently deliver great user experience to all kinds of users, no matter where they access their virtual apps and desktops from. The latest innovations between Horizon and NVIDIA vGPU include Horizon 7 support for NVIDIA T4 GPUs, which take advantage of the Turing architecture, the RTX platform and NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation software. Last year, we also announced Horizon 7 support for the NVIDIA RTX 6000 and RTX 8000 GPUs, furthering our stance in helping with medium to high-end graphics use cases. Of course, seeing is believing – this video shows Horizon 7 and NVIDIA vGPU in action with Superposition benchmark running on Horizon 7 using NVIDIA vGPU RTX-8000:

Although on-premises virtual app and desktop delivery has been the industry norm for years, organizations have started to realize the benefits hybrid and multi-cloud VDI and apps bring forth. These benefits are immense – giving IT more agility for quick app and desktop scaling, access to private and public cloud resources and capacity and a strategy for disaster recovery, for example. Organizations supporting users with graphics requirements can make the most of these benefits using a complete software and hardware stack with NVIDIA GRID vGPU, Horizon 7 and vSAN Ready Nodes appliances. Performance improvements based on this combination of software and hardware help enhance user experience for hybrid environments (take a look at a recent benchmark whitepaper from Dell EMC Solutions that quantifies the impact of NVIDIA vGPU in a Horizon 7 and Dell EMC set up). Horizon 7 with VMware Cloud Foundation, powered by Dell EMC VxRail is a great example of how NVIDIA vGPU can be used in a fully integrated software and hardware stack with automation and built-in lifecycle management. VMware Cloud Foundation can even be further extended to be used through our cloud service provider partners like VMware Cloud on AWS, for true hybridity. And for any organizations looking for a complete Desktop-as-a-Service set up with NVIDIA vGPU support, look no further than Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud.

Customers across all types of industries are leveraging the collaboration between VMware and NVIDIA to improve operational efficiencies and experience with vGPU-enabled virtual desktops and apps. One such example is Nebraska Medicine. By using Dell EMC vSAN Ready Node PowerEdge servers, NVIDIA Quadro vDWS and Tesla M10 cards and Horizon 7, Nebraska Medicine was able to deliver Windows 10 workloads to departments fit for VDI with great performance results. Another great customer example is Honda R&D Co., Ltd. By using a combination of Horizon 7 and NVIDIA vDWS, R&D engineers at Honda R&D Co., Ltd. are able to take advantage of faster performance and computing power when using graphics-heavy apps like 3D CAD in their VDI deployment.

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If you’re in a position where remote work is becoming a requirement, you shouldn’t have to compromise user experience to meet your goals. VMware and NVIDIA are here to help as we’ve each extended free trials of Horizon 7, Horizon Cloud and NVIDIA vGPU. You can get started today to truly enable world-class remote experience with VMware and NVIDIA.