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Android Series Ep 12: Closed Network Deployments

Every company faces unique circumstances when equipping its workforce. From operating globally to supporting a wide variety of device types, organizations can face any number of challenges when deploying and supporting devices for its employees. One especially challenging situation is deploying in a restrictive IT environment. Whether by external circumstance or business decision, certain companies operate in environments with limited or no access to the internet.

For Android devices, a lack of internet connection represents a barrier to Google Play services, which enables a powerful array of management capabilities for devices. Fortunately, Android and VMware Workspace ONE have solutions to help navigate those situations and deliver management functionality in closed network environments. In the latest episode of the Android Video Series, we’ll discuss closed networks and how to leverage Workspace ONE UEM options to deploy and support Android devices in such environments. We’ll cover the following questions that may arise when facing a closed network situation:

• What is a closed network or AOSP deployment?

• When would a customer use this option?

• How do I enable this option in the Workspace ONE UEM console?

• What special considerations are associated with closed network deployments?

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