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Workspace ONE Intelligence Series, Episode 7: Q3 Updates

The third quarter of VMware fiscal year 2020 has been very exciting for Workspace ONE Intelligence, with many new announcements and product updates. To help you keep up with all the great news, I want to share with you this new Workspace ONE Intelligence episode where we highlight a few of the new capabilities. Steve DeJarnett, Director of Product Management for Workspace ONE Intelligence joined me in this episode to discuss new features and enhancements in the product.

Workspace ONE Intelligence: Automation Connectors, Device Sensors, and Intelligence API

In this episode, we highlight Automation Connectors. Automation Connectors allows users to add integrations between Workspace ONE Intelligence and third party and internal tools that support REST API. These integrations can then be leveraged in Automations created in Workspace ONE Intelligence, such as notifications, ticketing, etc.

We also introduce Device Sensors. Device Sensors allows admins to query additional device attributes, and then generate reports and create automations based on specific values. This is helpful when you want to know the device posture in your organization, or get more granular visibility into the device state such as BIOS version, etc. For example, you can identify if a battery in a specific device is reaching end of life and automatically open a ticket and notify the user. Today, most IT teams have to install multiple agents to pull basic OS and device information. with Workspace ONE Intelligence you can achieve all of that with a single agent.

Next, we talk about the Intelligence API. The Intelligence API gives customers access to the rich reporting capabilities in Workspace ONE Intelligence. It also allows customers to export the data from Workspace ONE Intelligence to use it with a third-party system.

One of the key benefits of Workspace ONE Intelligence is that it provides insights on apps, in addition to devices, users and OS. In this update we walk through a new capability called User Flows, which allows developers to track user interactions within the app to better understand how users navigate through the app and where issues happen. Some examples for these issues are app hangs and doesn’t load, app crashes, the user cannot login or the purchase fails. In those cases, the bad user experience could negatively impact business objectives and bottom line.

Lastly, we provide an update on the Workspace ONE Intelligence Trust Network Ingest API, which provides an open, self-service ecosystem for security partners who wish to integrate with Workspace ONE Intelligence. The Workspace ONE Intelligence Trust Network Ingest API has already been announced, and we wanted to let you know that a few new security vendors have joined our Trust Network. That means that more customers are able to leverage their existing investment in security tools with Workspace ONE Intelligence.

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