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Workspace ONE Smartfolio: Our Newest Offering for Mobile Content Management

Last week in Barcelona, we announced the newest secure, containerized app in the Workspace ONE family and our newest offering for mobile content management: Workspace ONE Smartfolio. Smartfolio is all about making it easy for administrators to manage the lifecycle of published content to employees. Built with the line of business user in mind, Smartfolio provides rapid, secure access to critical information employees need on-the-job.

You might also be aware of our existing mobile content management offering, Workspace ONE Content. Before I dive into the difference between the two, let’s take a look at a few of the top capabilities in Workspace ONE Smartfolio.

Top Five Smartfolio Use Cases

Workspace ONE Smartfolio

1. Publishing customer information, documentation, manuals, or training files in the following formats:

a. Documents (doc, docx, txt)

b. Presentations (pptx, ppt, keynote)

c. Spreadsheets (xlsx, xls)

d. Videos (mp4, mov, wmv)

e. Audio (mp3, wma)

2. Managing security on a per document level to meet document-oriented regulatory requirements

3. Ensuring compliance by setting critical documents to automatically download and tracking views/installation status

4. Pushing over the air updates to content to ensure users have the latest updates when needed

5. Giving employees access to content through a simple, efficient interface

Workspace ONE Smartfolio and Workspace ONE Content

With this announcement, the Workspace ONE platform now features two methods for mobile content management: Workspace ONE Content and Workspace ONE Smartfolio. Both mobile applications are built using our UEM Management framework to meet a myriad of enterprise content requirements.

Smartfolio is perfect for use cases where an administrator needs a simple and effective way to manage publishing content and gives users fast access to information without distracting functions like document creation, editing, or uploading. Smartfolio is ideal for organizations that have document-oriented regulatory requirements, line of business environments, and for industries where immediate content access and app stability are top requirements.

Some industries and use cases common across our customer base are:

• Aviation (electronic flight bag) use cases

• Construction/technician/mechanic use cases

• Training reference materials

• Sales briefcase

The Workspace ONE Content application is capable of meeting the same use cases as Smartfolio but offers a wider breadth of features to meet use cases beyond simply accessing content. Content is all about employee productivity with features like built-in editing, document creation, and aggregating access across user managed repositories such as Microsoft OneDrive, Box, and SMB drives.

Both Workspace ONE Content and Workspace ONE Smartfolio are available in the Workspace ONE Advanced bundles and above. Customers can choose to deploy one or both and can manage everything from the content section in the Workspace ONE console.

Smartfolio and Content are sold alongside the other Workspace ONE secure, productivity apps with the exception of Notebook.

Ways to Learn More

Want to see a demo of the console and Workspace ONE Smartfolio in action? Check out this video.


To learn more about the Workspace ONE platform, visit workspaceone.com.