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Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps

As mobile app usage has become ubiquitous these days, measuring mobile app performance has become as critical as ever. Organizations who develop consumer-facing mobile apps need to provide great user experience and can measure that based on app adoption, engagement, and conversions. A decline in any of these metrics can have negative impact on an organization’s bottom line. To help organizations automatically capture and interpret consumer-facing app data and resolve issues faster, increase conversions, and reduce churn, we’re excited to launch our new Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps offering, generally available starting today!

Over the last year, we’ve been migrating Apteligent functionality into our Workspace ONE Intelligence platform to help customers monitor app performance of their employee-facing apps. With our new Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps offering, customers can now analyze and correlate mobile app performance for consumer-facing apps. By leveraging insights on app performance, app adoption, app engagement, crashes, and user behavior, organizations can quickly diagnose and identify problems in their apps before they become problems for the business. All it takes is one line of code to enable developers to find and fix issues in line of business and consumer-facing apps.

Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps offers performance visibility of consumer apps that translates to many benefits. To start with, dashboards can be created to get insights with rich visualizations. Below is an example showing metrics collected on daily active users (DAU), rolling monthly active users (MAU), and app loads. These metrics help provide organizations with a quick view of app adoption and engagement. If an organization sees the number of users or loads declining for their apps, that could be cause for investigation into why that’s occurring.

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Network insights are also important in helping detect and troubleshoot app performance issues and outages. Below is an example of metrics that can be visualized in a custom dashboard in Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps. Insights into error rates, number of calls, average response time, and data in and out help organizations understand why app transactions might be failing. For example, if the average response time for certain flows in transactions is higher than usual, that could lead to more user churn and should be investigated. Or if error rates are high, it could be that API calls are failing in the SDKs the app uses. Or if average data in and out has increased because of a new code update, it may be a good time to investigate what the difference in the previous app code and new app code is.


Understanding mobile app interactions through user flows is another core concept of Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps. If a customer offers a consumer-facing mobile shopping app, getting details of all the transactions in a user flow provide visibility that can help prioritize development efforts. For example, if a checkout or billing transaction fails in the shopping app, users can get frustrated and not want to use the app in the future. If developers have insights into when that transaction failed and why, they can quickly fix the issues in their app and deploy an update. Also, by leveraging breadcrumbs within Workspace ONE Intelligence, customers can retrace steps that led to the failed transaction to help troubleshoot.

Other features of Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps include proactive crash monitoring of uptime, stacktrace root cause analysis, and device diagnostics for app versions, OS, device, and users. Alerts can also be set up based on any metric, such as latencies, errors, crashes, and exceptions. And on-demand reports can be pulled for app metrics as needed. Currently, customers can access the crash monitoring, alerting, and on-demand reports features in the legacy Apteligent console as we are continuing to migrate this functionality into Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumers Apps. However, the majority of Apteligent functionality has been migrated from Apteligent to Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps and can be accessed through cloud.vmware.com.

If you’re interested in Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps, please contact our VMware sales team or your VMware sales representative. And for more information on Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps, visit the Intelligence for Consumer Apps webpage.

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