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Workspace ONE and Appdome Partner to Offer Advanced No-Code Integration of Workspace ONE SDK

Appdome, the mobile industry’s first no-code mobile solutions platform, announced the immediate availability of Appdome for VMware Workspace ONE, a new no-code solution that helps enterprises deliver Workspace ONE security, privacy and intelligent analytics in a single solution for any iOS or Android app out of the box.

Full Press Release Here.

Developing a new mobile app starts with a simple idea.

“Let’s make it easier for employees to navigate to conference rooms across campus to save time.”

“Let’s create a tool for sales and support teams to lookup important customer account information on the fly to increase responsiveness to customer inquiries.”

While the highest return on digital transformation often requires redesigning processes with a UX-first, any device, anywhere mindset, the reality of creating these transformational experiences is more complicated than the idea itself suggests. Does the app provide access to sensitive data? Does it store this data on the device? Does it talk to services behind the firewall? Does it collect information from the end user or their device? Will it be deployed to personally owned devices or corporate owned devices? What is the risk to the organization if one of these devices is lost or compromised and how do we mitigate it? All important questions that must be answered and that result in additional time, budget, complexity and risk for the project.

Workspace ONE platform and mobile SDK greatly simplify the process of making applications enterprise-ready.

The Workspace ONE platform and the Workspace ONE SDK for mobile application development helps customers meet even the most complex operational, security and privacy requirements with very few lines of code, saving time and enabling application development teams to focus on delivering business value and delightful end user experiences. Furthermore, by leveraging Workspace ONE, security, admin and privacy teams can rest assured that mobile applications built on the SDK are meeting the organization’s requirements in a consistent and maintainable manner across all of their internal development teams. Key use cases for the Workspace ONE SDK include:

• Secure data at rest, in transit and in motion

• Independent, user input-based encryption of data at rest
• App-level passcode complexity requirements with optional biometric support
• Data loss prevention (DLP) policy enforcement including secure clipboard, 3rd party keyboards, screenshot prevention and open-in controls
• Tunneling of network traffic to secure against man-in-the-middle attacks and enabling access to resources behind the firewall
• Secure credential management and single-sign-on capabilities using AD credentials, certificates or Kerberos

• Protection for end user privacy

• Optionally manage and secure applications rather than the full device for BYO programs
• Dynamic in-app privacy disclosures that ensure data collection policies are presented to users transparently and consistently

• Deployment through Workspace ONE application management

• Remote deployment and policy management through dynamic user and device grouping (Smart Groups) and advanced distribution policies

• Monitoring of application performance and stability post deployment for ongoing maintenance through Workspace ONE Intelligence and the Intelligence SDK

• Adoption metrics such as monthly and daily active user trends
• Automatic crash rate trend notifications, upload of crash files and symbolization for developer analysis
• Advanced network performance metrics and exception tracking
• Configurable user flow tracking for monitoring critical in-app workflows

Appdome for VMware Workspace ONE

With Appdome for VMware Workspace ONE, customers can take advantage of the comprehensive security, privacy and intelligence capabilities provided by Workspace ONE mobile application management and the iOS and Android SDKs with an easy to use interface and zero coding required. This is especially important for organizations with constraints on budget and expertise or where time to market is critical.

In particular, Appdome for VMware Workspace ONE enables:

• No code integration of the Workspace ONE SDKs using Appdome fusion technology
• An easy to use admin interface that allows selecting which capabilities of the SDK should be enabled for each application
• Compatibility across Android and iOS native applications as well as hybrid platforms like Xamarin, Cordova, React Native, Flutter, Ionic and more.
• Automated delivery of fused applications to the Workspace ONE UEM service for distribution to end users

“VMware’s Workspace ONE is leading in the UEM market,” said Tom Tovar, CEO of Appdome. “Our goal is to make it super easy for enterprise customers and app developers to adopt Workspace ONE and, without coding a thing, get the full benefit of all the services and capabilities that Workspace ONE has to offer inside Android and iOS apps.”

We’re thrilled about the partnership with Appdome and the opportunity to help even more of our customers transform the way they deliver new mobile experiences to their employees. If you’re interested in learning more about the Workspace ONE SDK for mobile application development, please visit https://www.air-watch.com/capabilities/mobile-application- management/.

For details on the Appdome for VMware Workspace ONE, please visit https://www.appdome.com/vmware.